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A chicken parmigiana photographed at the Coldstream Brewery, served with chips and salad.

Chicken parmigiana (also referred to colloquially in the United States as 'chicken parm' and in Southern Australia as a parmi[1] or parma[2]) is a chicken dish based on the Italian Parmigiana. It consists of a breaded chicken breast, or chicken schnitzel, covered with a tomato-based neapolitan sauce and cheese.

Global varieties[edit]


The dish is regularly served in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide pubs.[3] In these cities, the addition of a slice of ham or bacon makes up the parmigiana,[4] but not all pubs are in agreement with the addition of pork .[5] Chicken parmigiana is typically served with a side of chips and salad, although there is some dispute as to whether the chips should be served under or next to the chicken.[6] Some restaurants hold competitions with prizes for people who successfully finish a large chicken parmigiana, such as the "Parmageddon" which was held in an Adelaide Hills pub.[7]

Its popularity has led to a specialised chicken parmigiana restaurant opening in Melbourne,[6] and the chicken parmigiana is the subject of reviews on dedicated websites which compare the dish as purchased from various pubs within a region.[2][1][6][8] Other meals have also taken on the chicken parmigiana theme, including pies and Subway sandwiches.[9][10]

North America[edit]

In the United States and Canada, chicken parmigiana is often served as an entree, and sometimes with a side of or on top of pasta. Many restaurants also offer chicken Parm sandwiches, putting chicken parmigiana between two slices of bread.[11]

United Kingdom[edit]

Main article: Parmo

Parmo is a breaded cutlet dish originating in Middlesbrough, England. It typically consists of deep-fried chicken in bread crumbs topped with a white béchamel sauce and cheese. The Parmo originated as escalope Parmesan, a derivative of veal or chicken parmigiana. The parmo is said to have been created by Nicos Harris, a chef with the United States Army in World War II. He was wounded in France, but was brought to the United Kingdom to be treated in a British hospital. Eventually, he moved to Middlesbrough and opened a restaurant on Linthorpe Road, where he created the parmo at The American Grill in 1958.[12]


Main article: Milanesa

In Argentina, there is a variation of milanesa a la napolitana which is made with chicken instead of the usual beefsteak and is a variation of chicken parmagiana.[13] It is sometimes topped with ham, bacon, or a fried egg and is usually served with french fries. [14][15][16]

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