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Chicky Starr
Born (1958-06-24) June 24, 1958 (age 56)
Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
Resides Puerto Rico
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Chicky Starr
El Golden Boy
El Rey de la Lucha Libre
Billed height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Billed weight 218 lb (99 kg)
Billed from Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
Debut 1978

Jose Laureano (born June 24, 1958) is a semi retired Puerto Rican professional wrestler better known by his ring name, Chicky Starr.

Early career[edit]

Chicky Starr formed a tag team with Antonio Pantojas known as the Peron Brothers and wrestle as a face in the early '80s. For most times he appeared as a mid-card wrestler and in the opening matches at house shows.

Stint in Texas[edit]

Starr had a run during form 1984 to mid 1985 at San Antonio's Southwest Championship Wrestling. On September 9, 1984 he and Brett Sawyer won the SCW Southwest Tag Team Championship from The Fabulous Blond (Eric Embry & Dan Greer) but drop the belts back to The Fabulous Blonds (Eric Embry & Dan Greer) on October 9. 1984 in San Antonio, Texas. Also won the SCW Southwest Junior Heavyweight Championship from Eric Embry until he lost it to Ron Sexton.

Feud with Invader #1[edit]

Chicky Starr returned to the WWC and in late 1985 Chicky Starr slowly turned heel when he accused his mentor El Invader #1 on TV of holding his career down and avoiding him to get title matches. Starr challenged Invader #1 to a match. The match was televised and Chicky Starr attacked his mentor with a steel chair. On the following days Starr bleached his hair and began to use flashy ring doves as part of his new heel character. Starr and Invader #1 had a feud from the mid '80s through the and early '90s all over Puerto Rico. They had all kind of matches during this feud from steel cage matches, a scaffold match and an epic "Retirement vs. hair" match won by Invader #1 at the 1987 WWC Anniversary card. Being one of the best talkers in the company Chicky had a talk show segment on the WWC TV weekly program called "Chicky Starr Sports Shop" where he constany annoyed fan favorites. This feud halted in 1991 when Starr left the World Wrestling Council to start a new promotion called the American Wrestling Federation AWF with Hercules Ayala, former WWC announcer Hugo Savinovich and Gloria Uribe who provited the economical force to the promotion.

The feud resumed in 1997 with Chicky Starr returning to WWC this time teaming with Invader #2 who to turn against Invader #1 earlier that year. Starr briefly turned babyface and made an alliance with Invader #1 that only lasted a couple of weeks before they started feuding again.

In 2011 Chicky Starr took revenge 24 years later by beating Invader #1 in a "Hair Vs Hair" and shaving him bald. They also faced in a match with Chicky Starr with a loaded glove against Invader #1 with his taped fist.

After the feud Carlos Colon between Abdullah The Butcher this is the second longest feud in WWC World Wrestling Council history and Chicky's heel turn took him from been a mid-card wrestler to the most hated men in WWC.

Starr Corporation[edit]

With Chicky Starr heel turn he also became a manager and in early 1986 started a faction inicialy known as El Club Deportivo (The Sports Club) . He recruited Victor Rodriguez as his bodyguard, At that time Victor Rodriguez was a rookie wrestler and close friend of Chicky Starr. He also managed his kayfabe cousin Ron Starr. Other members of his group were Abdullah the Butcher, Al Perez, Sadistic Steve Strong, and Manny Fernandez to feud with El Invader #1, Carlos Colon and the justice army in the World Wrestling Council (WWC).

In 1997 Starr made a comeback in WWC and gather a new faction called Starr Corporation with Chicky Starr, Victor the Bodyguard Rodriguez and Angel Rodriguez. Starr merged Starr Corporation with Ray Gonzalez Familia del Milenio in the late 1990s and early 2000s with Dutch Mantell, el Exotico, la Tigresa and Bouncer Bruno to takeover WWC.

In IWA, the Starr Corporation was composed of Pain, Víctor The Bodyguard Rodriguez, Angel Rodriguez, Shane The Glomour Boy, AAA/TNA Mesias Ricky Banderas and Dutch Mantell. He got feuds with Savio Vega, Los Malcriaos (Miguel Perez, Jr. and Huracan Castillo, Jr.).

Chicky Starr with Victor the Bodyguard Rodriguez made the tag team version of Starr Corporation. Starr and Victor were the first tag team champions in the biggest two wrestling companies in Puerto Rico (WWC and IWA). Chicky Starr and Víctor Rodríguez even though they are actually a heel tag team they had a lot of popularity from the fans especially from La Religion Chickystariana a Fan club that followed Chicky Starr to every wrestling card.

King of Wrestling[edit]

In 1988 Chicky Starr defered Rufus R. Jones to win the King of Wrestling crowd. Chicky played the King of Wrestling gimmick fulltime for 13 years until he formed Starr Corporation in the IWA.

WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship[edit]

After 25 years in pro wrestling Chicky Starr won the WWC Universal Championship when he defeated Carlito in Morovis, Puerto Rico in early 2003.

Cultural reference[edit]

Chicky Starr's name became a popular Puerto Rican cultural reference as the phrase "bregaste bien Chicky Starr" ("You very much handled this 'Chicky Starr style'") became popular in the mid-1980s. The phrase likened Starr's name with betrayal; Starr would earn a reputation for double-crossing some of the talent managed by him based on convenience. The phrase is still in common use in Puerto Rico. Chicky Starr still makes appearances at independent wrestling shows in Puerto Rico.

Personal life[edit]

Starr oldest son puertorrican boxer José Laureano won a silver medal at the 1993 Central American and Caribbean Games. In 2014 the World Wrestling Council and dedicated the 2014 WWC Anniversary Card to Chicky Starr. He's family was in attendance.

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