20th World Science Fiction Convention

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Chicon III, the 20th World Science Fiction Convention
Genre Science fiction
Venue Pick-Congress Hotel
Location(s) Chicago, Illinois
Country USA
Inaugurated August 31-September 3, 1962
Attendance ~730
Filing status Non-profit

The 20th World Science Fiction Convention, also known unofficially as Chicon III (less frequently, Chicon II), was held August 31–September 3, 1962, at the Pick-Congress Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Because the second Worldcon held in Chicago was officially called, in its publications, the 10th Annual World Science Fiction Convention (and once as the "10th Annual Science Fiction Convention") and not Chicon, the next Chicago Worldcon held in 1962 was occasionally referred to as Chicon II, though Chicon III is the generally accepted and preferred nomenclature.

The chairman was Earl Kemp. The guest of honor was Theodore Sturgeon.[1] The toastmaster was Wilson Tucker. Total attendance was approximately 730.[2]

Following the convention, Advent:Publishers published The Proceedings: Chicon III, edited by Earl Kemp.[3] The book includes transcripts of lectures and panels given during the course of the convention and includes numerous photographs as well. Events at the convention included an address by Willy Ley.[4]


During his Guest of Honor speech, Theodore Sturgeon expressed regret that Hugo Award Winner Robert A. Heinlein could not attend. Heinlein, at that moment, walked into the ballroom, in a white tux, saying that Ted's regret for his nonattendance was premature. He went to the podium, and Sturgeon offered him a sip from a water glass, asking Heinlein to share water with him (a reference to Stranger in a Strange Land.) Heinlein and Sturgeon shared water.


The Hugo Awards, named after Hugo Gernsback, are presented every year for the best science fiction or fantasy works and achievements of the previous year. Results are based on the ballots submitted by members of the World Science Fiction Society.[5]

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