Chicopee Valley Aqueduct

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Chicopee Valley Aqueduct
Chicopee Valley Aqueduct
Chicopee Valley Aqueduct access shaft
Official name Chicopee Valley Aqueduct
Begins Quabbin Reservoir
Ends Chicopee
Coordinates 42°16′59″N 72°20′36″W / 42.28306°N 72.34333°W / 42.28306; -72.34333Coordinates: 42°16′59″N 72°20′36″W / 42.28306°N 72.34333°W / 42.28306; -72.34333
Maintained by MWRA
Length 13.1 mi (21.08 km)
First section length 4.5 mi (7.24 km)
First section diameter 48 in (121.92 cm)
Second section length 8.6 mi (13.84 km)
Second section diameter 36 in (91.44 cm)
Capacity 20 cu ft/s (0.566 m3/s)
Construction began 1947
Opening date 1950

The Chicopee Valley Aqueduct carries water from the Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts to the Chicopee city line. It delivers Quabbin water to Wilbraham, South Hadley fire district #1, and Chicopee. It is part of the Chicopee River Watershed.


In 1947, the Massachusetts Legislature authorized the construction of the aqueduct, which was completed three years later.

Present day[edit]

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority initiated the Chicopee Valley Aqueduct Pipeline Redundancy project to provide redundancy and to improve reliability to the Chicopee Valley Aqueduct water transmission system to the three already served communities. The design phase was completed in 2001. Construction of a redundant barrel was substantially completed in 2008.[1]