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A chief creative officer (CCO) is the highest ranking position of the creative team within a company. Depending on the type of company, this position may be responsible for the overall look and feel of marketing, media, and branding associated with the organization. The CCO may also be charged with managing, developing, and leading the team (or teams) of creative directors, art directors, designers, copywriters, etc. responsible for client projects.

A chief creative officer typically has significant authority and reports directly to the chief executive officer of a company. He or she is responsible for not only managing the company's creative team(s), but also developing the verbal and visual style of client work. The individual in this role is also responsible for setting the standard for quality of work, client interaction, developing the company's creative process, and delivering projects on-time.

CCOs are typically found in organizations who sell a creative-based product such as advertising agencies, design studios, etc. In some organizations, the CCO may also be referred to as a creative director or executive creative director.