Chief Financial Officer of Florida

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Chief Financial Officer of Florida
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Jeff Atwater CFO Official.jpg
Jeff Atwater

since January 4, 2011
Department of Financial Services
Term length 4 years, renewable once
Inaugural holder Tom Gallagher
Formation 2002

The Chief Financial Officer of Florida is a statewide constitutional officer of Florida. The office was created in 2002 following the 1998 reforms of the Florida Cabinet.

The CFO is a combination of the former offices of Comptroller and Treasurer/Insurance Commissioner/Fire Marshal. The office heads the Florida Department of Financial Services and is responsible for overseeing the state's finances, collecting revenue, paying state bills, auditing state agencies, regulating cemeteries and funerals, and handling fires and arsons. In addition, the CFO has administrative oversight over the offices which handles banking and insurance regulation. The CFO is a member of the Cabinet.


Tom Gallagher was the first state CFO and a former Treasurer/Insurance Commissioner/Fire Marshal. Gallagher retired from the position in 2006 and Alex Sink (D), a Florida business executive and the wife of former Florida gubernatorial candidate Bill McBride, was elected on November 7, 2006. Alex Sink launched an unsuccessful campaign for governor in 2010, and was succeeded by Jeff Atwater.

List of Chief Financial Officers[edit]

  1. Tom Gallagher (R), 2003–2007
  2. Alex Sink (D), 2007–2011
  3. Jeff Atwater (R), 2011–present

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