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The Chief Justice of Kenya is the head of the Judiciary of Kenya and President of the Supreme Court of Kenya. The office is established under Article 163 of the Kenyan Constitution. Willy Munyoki Mutunga is the current Chief Justice of Kenya. The Chief Justice is assisted by the Deputy Chief Justice who is also the Deputy President of the Supreme Court.[1]

List of Chief Justices[edit]

East Africa Protectorate[edit]

Name Term start Term end Governor
1 Sir Robert Hamilton 1906 1920 Sadler

Colony and Protectorate of Kenya[edit]

Republic of Kenya[edit]

Name Term start Term end President
1 Sir John Ainley 1963 1968 -
2 Kitili Mwendwa 1968 1971 Kenyatta
3 Sir James Wicks 1971 1982 Kenyatta
4 Sir Alfred Simpson 1982 1985 Moi
5 Chunilal Madan 1985 1986 Moi
6 Cecil Miller 1986 1989 Moi
7 Allan Hancox 1989 1993 Moi
8 Fred Apaloo 1993 1994 Moi
9 Abdul Majid Cockar 1994 1997 Moi
10 Zachaeus Chesoni 1997 1999 Moi
11 Bernard Chunga 1999 2003 Moi
12 Johnson Gicheru 2003 2007 Kibaki
13 Willy Mutunga 2011 Present Kibaki

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