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The Chief Khalsa Diwan is a 111-year old Sikh organisation, which is the central Organization of various Singh Sabhas spread across Punjab. Unlike the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee, the Diwan is an apolitical body and only concerns itself with religious, educational and cultural issues.

At present, the Diwan runs

  • 42 Schools
  • Orphanages
  • Old age homes
  • Khalsa Advocate - newsletter
  • Hospitals and clinics

The organisation was founded with the active efforts of Bhai Vir Singh.


  • S. Sunder Singh Majithia
  • S. Kirpal Singh(ex. M.P.)-remained the president for 17 consecutive years until his demise, without any selection (through election), due to his goodwill with other members.
  • S. Charanjit Singh Chhadha (current)

Honorary Secretary[edit]

S. Sant Singh

S. Bhag Singh Ankhi

S. Santokh Singh Sethi (current)

Local committees and presidents[edit]

The Diwan has numerous branches, each autonomous but directly responsible to the Diwan Headquarters at Amritsar.

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