Chief Minister of Anguilla

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Chief Minister of Anguilla
Coat of arms of Anguilla.svg
Coat of Arms of Anguilla
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Hubert Hughes

since 16 February 2010
Style The Honourable
Appointer Governor of Anguilla
Term length At the Governor's pleasure
Formation 10 February 1976
First holder Ronald Webster
Website Office of the Chief Minister
Coat of arms of Anguilla.svg
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The Chief Minister of Anguilla is the head of government in the British Overseas Territory of Anguilla. The Chief Minister is appointed by the Governor of Anguilla on behalf of the Monarchy of the United Kingdom, currently Queen Elizabeth II.

The current Chief Minister is Mr. Hubert Hughes, since 16 February 2010

List of Chief Ministers of Anguilla[edit]

Incumbent Tenure Political Affiliation
Took Office Left Office
Ronald Webster 10 February 1976 1 February 1977 People's Progressive Party (to 1977); Anguilla United Party
Emile Gumbs 1 February 1977 May 1980 Anguilla National Alliance
Ronald Webster May 1980 12 March 1984 Anguilla United Party (to 1981); Anguilla National Alliance
Emile Gumbs 12 March 1984 16 March 1994 Anguilla National Alliance
Hubert Hughes 16 March 1994 6 March 2000 Anguilla United Party
Osbourne Fleming 6 March 2000 16 February 2010 Anguilla United Front (Anguilla National Alliance & Anguilla Democratic Party)
Hubert Hughes 16 February 2010 Present Anguilla United Movement