Chief Minister of Singapore

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Chief Minister of Singapore
Former political post
Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom.svg
Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom
Successor Prime Minister of Singapore
First officeholder David Saul Marshall
Last officeholder Lim Yew Hock
Official residence Old Parliament House, Singapore
Appointer Governor of Singapore
Office began April 6, 1955
Office ended June 3, 1959

The Chief Minister of Singapore was the head of government of the crown colony of Singapore until its abolition on 3 June 1959. The Chief Minister was appointed by the Governor of Singapore. The Chief Minister was the party leader of the largest party in the Legislative Assembly.

List of Chief Ministers[edit]

Chief Minister Start of term End of term Ward contested
David Saul Marshall April 6, 1955 June 7, 1956 Cairnhill
Lim Yew Hock June 7, 1956 June 3, 1959 Havelock


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