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Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia
Ali Hamsa

since 24 June 2012
Government of Malaysia
Prime Minister's Department
Style Yang Berbahagia
Member of Cabinet
Reports to Prime Minister of Malaysia
Nominator Prime Minister of Malaysia
Appointer Abdul Halim
as Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia
Inaugural holder Abdul Aziz Majid
Formation 1 August 1957; 57 years ago (1957-08-01)
Salary MYR 23,577 monthly [1]
Website The Official Website of Chief Secretary to the Government

The Chief Secretary to the Government (Malay: Ketua Setiausaha Negara) is the most senior officer in the Malaysian Civil Service. He is secretary to the Cabinet of Malaysia and is the secretary-general of the Prime Minister's Department.


The title of "Chief Secretary to the Government" in Malaysia dates back to the Federated Malay States. In 1911, it replaced the office of Resident-General as head of the British colonial administration. The inaugural Chief Secretary was Edward Lewis Brockman. After 1936, the administrative powers of Chief Secretary was transferred to the British High Commissioner.


The Chief Secretary to the Government is the head of the Civil Service of Malaysia and the highest-ranking civil servant in the Federal Government of Malaysia. He attends Cabinet meetings as its secretary and monitors the implementation of its policies.[2] He also heads the large Prime Minister's Department, which is in charge of, among others, supporting the Prime Minister, administration of the civil service, state protocol and Islamic affairs.[2]

In addition, the Chief Secretary chairs the meetings of Ministry secretaries-generals and meetings of Department directors-general.[3]

List of Chief Secretaries[edit]

The list of Chief Secretaries to the Government from 1957 to present:[4]

No. Chief Secretaries Picture Took office Left office
1 Abdul Aziz Majid August 1, 1957 August 31, 1964
2 Abdul Jamil Abdul Rais September 1, 1964 November 6, 1967
3 Mohamad Burhanuddin November 7, 1967 December 31, 1969
4 Abdul Kadir Shamsuddin January 1, 1970 September 30, 1976
5 Abdullah Mohd Salleh October 1, 1976 December 31, 1978
6 Abdullah Ayub January 1, 1979 November 30, 1980
7 Hashim Aman December 1, 1980 June 14, 1984
8 Salehuddin Mohamed June 15, 1984 January 31, 1990
9 Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid February 1, 1990 September 16, 1996
10 Abdul Halim Ali September 17, 1996 January 31, 2001
11 Samsudin Osman February 1, 2001 September 2, 2006
12 Mohd Sidek Hassan September 3, 2006 June 23, 2012
13 Ali Hamsa Ali Hamsa.jpg June 24, 2012 Incumbent


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