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For the football team, see A.C. ChievoVerona.

Chievo (4,500 inhabitants) is a frazione of Verona located to the west of the city, around 4 kilometres (2 miles) from the historic city centre, on the shores of the river Adige. It is best known for its football team, A.C. ChievoVerona.

The name came from the Latin "clivium mantici" which means "the hill of the magic wood". Pastoral and farming activities date back to pre-Roman Celtic settlers. Placed on the shores of the river Adige the early inhabitants established a port, some mills and a water-powered saw on the river. Pipin, son of Charles, gifted the entire zone to the monastery of St. Procolo, near S. Zeno in Verona. In the 12th century Chievo had a church, a hospital and a stronghold in which Federico Barbarossa spent some nights. The Corte Bionde is the best preserved medieval building. Around 1450 the entire village was moved about 100 meters nearer to the city where the climate was healthier and vegetation more gorgeous. The actual parish church with a reliquary was built at that time. In 1892 the ten church bells were cast and are still today in the style of the Veronese bellringing art. Nowadays the Austrian Fort, the mill of la Sorte, the airport of Boscomantico, are linked by wonderful bike paths on which visitors can enjoy the beautiful panoramas of hills, woods and countryside.

Coordinates: 45°27′26″N 10°56′46″E / 45.45722°N 10.94611°E / 45.45722; 10.94611