Chikman River

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Chikman River
Origin North Ural
Mouth Yayva River
Length 55 km (34 mi)
Basin area 600 km2 (230 sq mi)

Chikman (Russian: Чикман) is a river in Perm Krai, Russia, left tributary of Yayva River. It is 55 km in length. Area of basin is 600 km2. It starts on the west slope of North Ural, to north of mount Sheludyak. Its mouth upstream of village Sukhaya, in 221 km from mouth of Yayva River. There are some small tributaries, most significant of them are:

  • Left: Poludennaya (33 km), Syuz (23 km), Talitsa (18 km);
  • Right: Sukhaya

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