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Origin United Kingdom
Genres Pop, MOR
Years active 1976 - 1980
Labels Ariola Hansa
Members Graham Bilbrough
Keith Atack
Tim Atack
Mike Mckenzie

Child was a British pop group which found success in the late 1970s. The band was a four-piece, consisting of Graham Bilbrough[1] (vocals), twins Keith[2] (guitar) and Tim Atack[3] (drums) and Mike Mckenzie[4] (bass guitar). Their biggest hit was a cover of the Conway Twitty song "It's Only Make Believe", which was a top ten hit in 1978.


Child were formed in the mid-1970s consisting of Graham Bilbrough (1958 (age 55–56)), Mike McKenzie (1960 (age 53–54)) and twin brothers Keith ( (1959-04-05) 5 April 1959 (age 55)) and Tim Atack ( (1959-04-05) 5 April 1959 (age 55)). The members were in their late teens at the time. Their first single was released in 1976 but failed to chart. After touring and many television appearances, the group secured a record deal with Ariola Hansa. With this label the group achieved their first chart hit after appearing on Top of the Pops. The song was a cover of The Searchers' hit "When You Walk in the Room", and reached No.38 in the UK.[5] Following this up with another cover, the formula worked even better and the group scored their first (and only) top 10 hit with a cover of "It's Only Make Believe". In 1979, they scored their third and final hit with (yet another cover) "Only You (And You Alone)", which reached No.33. Two more singles were released but neither found success, nor did their albums and the group disbanded soon afterwards in 1980.[6]

Keith and Tim Atack went on to become session musicians, backing the likes of David Cassidy, Rick Astley and Bonnie Tyler in the 1980s.[7] They also formed a singing duo under two different names; Atack (early 1980s) and The Duel (late 1980s), but neither found success.[8][9] Keith went on to form the Eagles tribute band the Illegal Eagles in the 1990s and still plays with them today.[10] Tim became musical director to Des'ree before making his name as a film and television score composer, writing for films such as The Invention of Lying and Cemetery Junction as well as the love theme from Romeo + Juliet, which went on to be covered by Beyonce Knowles.[6]



Date Single UK Charts
1976 "River of Love" Buk
"Maybe Baby Someday"
1977 "What's a Nice Girl Like You" Pentagon
1978 "When You Walk in the Room" 38 Ariola Hansa
"It's Only Make Believe" 10
"Still the One"
1979 "Only You (And You Alone)" 33
"Here Comes Summer"
"The Shape I'm In"


Date Album UK Charts
1977 Child Honeybee
1978 The First Album Ariola Hansa
1979 Total Recall


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