Children of Bodom (song)

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"Children of Bodom"
Single by Children of Bodom, Cryhavoc, Wizzard
Released January 1997
Genre Melodic death metal, melodic black metal
Length 15:43
Label Spinefarm

Children of Bodom[1] is a split single by the Finnish bands Children of Bodom, Cryhavoc and Wizzard. The "Children of Bodom (Single Version)" is not the same as on Hatebreeder. It was re-recorded for the actual album.

Track listing[edit]

Children of Bodom
No. Title Length
1. "Children of Bodom" (Single Version) 5:11
No. Title Length
2. "Repent (Whore)"   5:18
No. Title Length
3. "Iron, Steel, Metal"   5:14