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The following are characters from the American soap opera General Hospital who are notable for being the children of important characters. Introduced in various years, these children have played significant parts in a number of storylines over the years. B.J. Jones (Brighton Hertford) was the only child character created and introduced by former head-writers Pat Falken Smith and Norma Monty in 1986. All characters appearing between 2004 and 2011 were introduced by former executive producer, Jill Farren Phelps and former head writer, Robert Guza, Jr. Beyond that point, the following characters were introduced by their successors, executive producer, Frank Valentini and head-writer, Ron Carlivati.

Current characters[edit]

T. J. Ashford[edit]

T.J. Ashford
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Krys Meyer (2012)[1]
Tequan Richmond (2012—)
Duration 2012—
First appearance January 17, 2012
Created by Garin Wolf
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Classification Present, regular
Occupation Student
Residence 324 Wharf Street
Port Charles, New York

Thomas "T.J." Ashford, Jr. is a fictional character on the original ABC Daytime drama, General Hospital. The role is originated by actor Krys Meyer on January 17, 2012. In July 2012, Soap Opera Digest reported that they released as a casting call very similar to the character of T.J. leading to speculation that Meyer had been let go.[2][3][4] Online soap gossip site Daytime Confidential later posted speculation about Meyer booking another gig, and the role was to be recast with the new actor reporting to work the week of July 23, 2012.[5] Rumors circulated that former Everybody Hates Chris star, Tequan Richmond had been cast in the role; the speculation was later confirmed by ABC Soaps In Depth.[2] Meyer last appeared on August 1, 2012 and Richmond debuted on August 16.[4] In 2014, Richmond was nominated for a NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series, for his portrayal of TJ.[6]

Character History

T.J. is the son of Thomas "Tommy" and Jordan Ashford. His father was killed by fellow Marine Shawn Butler. T.J. comes to Port Charles as a troubled teen who is angry with Shawn for killing his father. T.J.'s mother gave him the option of living with Shawn or military school. On his second day in Port Charles, T.J. gets into trouble after he steals a car from a valet service; however, because he is only 15, he is let off with a warning. He is befriended by Molly Lansing, who shows him around Port Charles High and helps him with his homework. Molly's mother Alexis Davis helps T.J. get off with a warning after he stole the car. Alexis and Shawn both realize that T.J. is very troubled and set out to help him. T.J. continues to date Molly in secret, until Alexis finds out in the beginning of July. Alexis confronts them both about their deception, but eventually she and Shawn allow T.J. and Molly to continue seeing each other as long as they follow some rules. After dating for a while, Molly and T.J. break up when T.J. becomes jealous of Molly's growing closeness to Rafe Kovich, Jr. T.J. asks Taylor DuBois, Felix's sister to prom, and she accepts. Prom gets cancelled due to a shooting at the MetroCourt Hotel and T.J. ends up having sex with Taylor in a limo. Molly and T.J. reconcile but the relationship falls apart again when Taylor tells Molly that she slept with T.J. They Eventually end up reconciling with each other with TJ trying to win Molly back.

Spencer Cassadine[edit]

Spencer Cassadine
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Caden & Nicholas Laughlin
Nathan & Spencer Casamassima
Lance Doven (2008)
Rami Yousef (2009)
Davin Ransom (2009–11)
Nicolas Bechtel (2013—)
Duration 2006–11, 2013—
First appearance February 20, 2006
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Charles Pratt, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps (2006)
Frank Valentini (2013)
Classification Present, recurring
Aliases John Michael Jacks

Spencer Stefan Nikolosovich Cassadine is the son of Nikolas Cassadine and Courtney Matthews, born in February 2006. He is originally believed to be the son of Jasper "Jax" Jacks, who had switched paternity tests to make Courtney think he was the father. Right after his birth, Jax tells Courtney that Nikolas is the biological father, but Courtney dies before she can tell Nikolas. Jax decides to keep the secret and raise the baby as his own. Courtney had picked the named John Michael Jacks (in honor of both their fathers). Robin Scorpio learns the truth and announces it at the baby's christening. Nikolas renames the baby Spencer Cassadine, in honor of his half-siblings Lucky and Lulu Spencer and to demonstrate the conclusion of the Cassadine/Spencer feud. Spencer's great-grandmother, Helena Cassadine, hires Colleen McHenry as the baby's nanny. Colleen soon develops an unrequited crush on Nikolas, growing desperate for the two of them and Spencer to become a family. Colleen kidnaps Spencer, and Helena kidnaps him from Colleen. Nikolas and Emily Quartermaine go to Moscow and rescue him. Spencer is often left in the care of Nikolas's staff and friends comment on his lack of parenting. In June 2011, Spencer moves to Zürich, Switzerland with his father. In December, Lulu mentions that Nikolas is in Greece. In March 2013, Laura mentions that Spencer is in Italy with his great-grandmother, Lesley, who brings him to Port Charles in May.

On the February 23, 2015 episode, Spencer states that he is 10 years old, pushing his birthdate back a year to 2005. On his 10th birthday party, there is a fire in the living room where Spencer is badly burned on his right side and has smoke inhalation after helping Emma Drake get to safety and going back into the room for his birthday present from his uncle, Sonny Corinthos, had given him. Spencer is treated at General Hospital for his injuries. For further treatment, Dr. Liesl Obrecht recommends Shriners Hospitals for Children in Boston.

Avery Corinthos[edit]

Avery Corinthos
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Ava & Grace Scarola
Duration 2014—
First appearance November 4, 2014[7]
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Present, recurring
Aliases Jaime Summers[8]
Avery Jerome Quartermaine
AJ Quartermaine

Avery Jerome Corinthos is the daughter of Sonny Corinthos and Ava Jerome. Her sister, Kiki is her legal guardian at the moment due to both of her parents being locked up. She was conceived on the day of A.J. Quartermaine's funeral. Ava slept with both Morgan and Sonny on the same day, leading there to be a question of paternity later on. Ava finds out she is pregnant off screen, but her pregnancy is revealed when Sonny tries to kill her on his island. She shows Sonny the positive test to prove to him it's the truth, but to be sure he has her get a blood test at General Hospital, which comes back positive.

When Morgan finds out about the baby, he asks Ava to have an abortion, but she refuses. During the pregnancy Ava missed a lot of appointments, experienced constant stress, and had multiple cases of horrible Braxton Hicks contractions. Avery Jerome was targeted by Sabrina Santiago and Ava almost suffered a miscarriage after Sabrina purposefully gave Ava the wrong medication -- Misoprostol instead of Nifedipine. Ava delayed taking the pills which helped, but experienced more pain after taking them later on. The pills also caused Ava to go into early labor, but Silas Clay came to their aid and he was able to stop the early labor.

Avery was born onscreen to Ava Jerome with the help of Nina Clay. After she was born Nina and her mother kidnapped her. Nina flees with the baby with Franco's help, after attacking her mother. They relocate to Canada, where Franco makes Nina realize that the baby is not her child with Silas. Nina then convinces Franco to raise the baby with her. Nina calls them a "dysfunctional family". After many suggestions, they name the baby Jaime, after Nina's brother/cousin, James. The dysfunctional family comes to an end when Dante, Kiki, Ava, Silas, and Morgan catch up with them. She is briefly returned to Ava before Dante arrests Ava, leaving the baby with Kiki and Morgan.

Avery is taken the hospital by her siblings, Kiki and Morgan, where it is revealed by Silas that she is healthy other then a slight ear infection. Morgan asks Silas to preform a paternity test but Silas says he can't without Ava's permission due to her being the baby's legal guardian. Kiki announces that she is the baby's temporary legal guardian because she is her mom's next of kin so Kiki gives permission to run the test. Later on, Carly shows up and holds the baby. Silas returns and tells them a standard paternity test will not work because both potential fathers are related, so they need to test the baby's DNA with someone who is either clearly related to her or not...Carly. On December 19, Avery's DNA doesn't match Carly's, making Sonny her father. In January, Ava names her daughter, Avery, before she goes to prison.

In March 2015, Avery's half-brother Michael was granted legal guardianship of her. Upon receiving guardianship, Michael announces his intention to have Avery's name legally changed to Quartermaine, and insists on calling her by the nickname of "A.J.", in honor of his birth father, A. J. Quartermaine (Sean Kanan).

Emma Drake[edit]

Emma Drake
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Ruby & Rose Romero (2009)
Jessie & Gianna Salvatierra (2009–10)
Francesca Cistone (2010–11)
Brooklyn Rae Silzer[9] (2011—)
Duration 2008—
First appearance November 3, 2008
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Classification Present, recurring
Residence Scorpio-Drake home
(Queen's Point Suburb)
Port Charles, New York

Emma Grace Scorpio-Drake is the daughter of Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio. The role is most notably played by child actress, Brooklyn Rae Silzer, who won a Young Artist Award in 2013 for Best Young Actress 10 And Under In A TV Series, for her role as Emma.[10] Emma is conceived in December 2007, when a grief-stricken Robin goes to Patrick for comfort after the funeral of her cousin Georgie Jones. Robin goes into labor during her wedding to Patrick, and Emma is born in November. Her parents briefly fear she has been exposed to Robin's HIV, but her tests are negative. Patrick and Robin marry, and Robin soon begins suffering from postpartum depression. In February 2009, Emma comes down with a fever and is stranded in a snowstorm with Robin. Robin leaves her in the care of Maxie Jones, who brings Emma to the hospital where she is diagnosed with pneumonia. After a few later incidents, Robin finally agrees to seek treatment and bonds with her daughter. In August 2010, Patrick and Robin fear Emma has been kidnapped by Lisa Niles, who returns Emma home claiming they just went out for ice cream. Lisa continues to occasionally use Emma in her attempts to get Robin away from Patrick, including drugging Emma's babysitter, Kristina Davis. In February 2012, Robin is presumed dead in a lab explosion but revealed to be held captive. That November, Robin briefly escapes and calls home, but Patrick believes Emma is playing pretend when she tells him about the phone call. In 2013, Patrick begins dating Dr. Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud), but breaks up with her when he realizes she has been treating Emma poorly. Emma encourages Patrick to date her babysitter, Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo), which Patrick eventually does. Patrick and Sabrina are engaged, and are about to get married when Robin comes to the ceremony and reveals herself to be alive. Emma is excited to have her mother back, and wonders why Patrick isn't as happy. Patrick eventually breaks up with Sabrina, and reunites with Robin in time for Emma to enjoy Christmas with both her parents.

Rocco Falconeri[edit]

Rocco Falconeri
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Nolan and Michael (2013)
Diego and Mateo (2013–14)
Liam and Oliver (2014–)
Duration 2013—
First appearance September 9, 2013
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Present, recurring
Aliases Cesar Faison II
Ben Westbourne

Rocco Falconeri is the son of Dante and Lulu Falconeri. In order to try to trap Dr. Patrick Drake in a relationship, Britt Westbourne planned to use a sample from the hospital sperm bank and pass the child off as Patrick's, although her mother, Dr. Liesl Obrecht, came up with the idea that they use Dante and Lulu's already fertilized embryos. Britt eventually came clean to Patrick that he was not her child's father, and named Brad instead. She gave birth to her son with the help of Sabrina Santiago and Nikolas Cassadine. Right after he was born, Ben had to be rushed to the hospital, and was saved by Dr. Silas Clay and Sabrina. Britt took him back to Wyndemere, after Nikolas insisted they stay with him when she had no place to go. Soon after, Britt's mother showed up and kidnapped Ben when Britt made it clear that her mother was forbidden from seeing him. Dr. Obrecht took Ben to Cassadine Island in Greece, and left him with Robin Scorpio-Drake, Patrick's presumed-dead wife who was actually being held captive by Sonny's long time enemy Jerry Jacks because that was after Franco was revealed to be alive. Robin protects and takes care of Ben, thinking he's Patrick's son. Nikolas and Britt travel to Cassadine Island to rescue Ben. While there, Britt reveals to Faison that Ben is not her biological son and has no relation to either one of them. Britt later tells Nikolas that she conceived Ben via a sperm donor, but soon learns that her lies are beginning to unravel when Dante and Lulu discover that their remaining embryos are missing from the hospital lab. Elizabeth Webber later finds out that Ben and Dante have the same food allergy, and secretly runs a DNA test. She confronts Britt, who claims her mother stole an anonymous sperm to impregnate her, and she had no idea it was Dante. Britt lets Dante have shared custody of Ben, hoping to make up for taking Ben away from Lulu. However, Elizabeth finds a note Britt wrote to Lulu telling the truth about Ben, and shows it to Lulu. Britt is cornered, and has to admit the truth. Obrecht kidnaps Ben when she realizes the truth is out, and tries to help Britt get out of town with Ben. However, Britt tells Dante and Lulu where her mother is, and Ben is rescued. After Lulu and Dante take him home, they decide to rename him as their own son, giving him the name Rocco Falconeri.

Josslyn Jacks[edit]

Josslyn Jacks
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Karleigh and McKenna Larson (2009–12)
Sarah Johnson (2012–13)[11]
Paige Olivier (2013)[12]
Hannah Nordberg (2014—)[13]
Duration 2009–
First appearance November 3, 2009
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Classification Present, recurring
Residence Jacks Estate
657 Harbor View Road
Port Charles, New York

Josslyn John Jacks is the daughter of Jasper "Jax" Jacks and Carly Corinthos Jacks. In October 2009, Carly is kidnapped by Claudia Zacchara and goes into labor. Claudia helps Carly through Josslyn's breech birth. Afterwards, Claudia tries to take the baby away from Carly, but is stopped when Josslyn's brother Michael Corinthos finds them and clubs her with an axe handle, killing her. Josslyn is christened in January 2010 with Jason Morgan and Lulu Spencer as her godparents. The artist and serial killer Franco becomes fixated on Josslyn and periodically sends her gifts. In March 2011, Josslyn is diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer and is saved by a kidney donation by Jacob Spencer after he is killed in a hit-and-run accident. Jax and Carly have a long custody battle over Josslyn, and Carly's ex-husband Sonny Corinthos frames Jax for drug possession, resulting in Carly winning sole custody. Jax's fury leads him to kidnap Josslyn, but is convinced by Robin Scorpio and Shawn Butler to return Josslyn to Carly. In September 2012, Josslyn is kidnapped by Dr. Ewen Keenan on orders from Jerry Jacks, Josslyn's uncle. Jerry injects Josslyn with a substance. Josslyn is briefly put in the hospital with a high fever, and Jerry later reveals that he inoculated Josslyn against a poison that he put into the Port Charles water supply. After Halloween, Josslyn visited her father in Australia for several months. Josslyn returned from staying with her father in June 2014. She has an issue with her mom's boyfriend, Franco moving in with them. After the non-wedding Josslyn begins to grow closer to Spencer as she is being his "Girlfriend" so that she could make Cameron jealous that way he would dump Emma Drake for her. This indeed works as Cameron breaks up with Emma for not telling him Josslyn has a crush on him.

Danny Morgan[edit]

Danny Morgan
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Gage and Gavin (2012)
Claire and Juliette (2012)
Jaxon and Jakob Kring (2012–14)
Caden & Corben Rothweiler (2014—)
Duration 2012—
First appearance June 1, 2012
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Present, recurring
Aliases Jason Morgan Jr.
Victor Lord III
Residence 122 Harbor View Dr, PH #2
Port Charles, New York

Daniel "Danny" Edward Morgan is the son of Jason and Sam Morgan. He is born onscreen in June 2012. Danny is initially believed to be the son of Sam's alleged rapist and Jason's presumed twin brother, Franco. On the day he is born, Todd Manning and Heather Webber switch him with Téa Delgado's stillborn son, Victor Lord III. Téa takes him home to Llanview, Pennsylvania. It is later revealed that the paternity test was switched by Heather, and Jason is actually the biological father. A few months later, Heather breaks out of the Ferncliff asylum, planning to steal the baby for herself. Meanwhile, Jason, with the help of John McBain, realizes Sam's baby was switched with Téa's the night of the storm. Heather has already kidnapped the baby by the time Jason and John figure out the truth. However, Jason and Sam manage to rescue him. They rename him Daniel Edward Morgan in honor of his uncle, Danny McCall and great-grandfather, Edward Quartermaine. After Jason is presumed dead, Sam finds out that Jason is Danny's biological father. Danny is diagnosed with leukemia at the time of his first birthday. When Danny doesn't respond to treatment, Sam has to look for a bone marrow donor; she ends up finding a match in Derek Wells. Derek gives a bone marrow transplant, saving Danny's life.

Aiden Spencer[edit]

Aiden Spencer
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Adrian & Brett Ritter
Maximo & Finbar (2011)
Titus Jackson (2011–12)
Jason David (2012—)
Duration 2010—
First appearance July 19, 2010
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Classification Present, recurring
Aliases Aiden Alexei Nikolosovich Cassadine
Residence 458 Lexington Avenue
(Queen's Pointe Suburb)
Port Charles, New York

Aiden Spencer is the son of Lucky Spencer and Elizabeth Webber. From 2011–12, the role was played by Titus Jackson, real-life son to Jonathan Jackson, who played his on-screen father, Lucky.[14] Jason David took over the role in 2012.[11] During an affair between Elizabeth and Nikolas in 2010, Elizabeth becomes pregnant. Since she is engaged to Lucky at the time of the affair, she is not sure who the baby's father is. Helena Cassadine switches the paternity test results to make it appear that Nikolas is the father. Aidan is born in July 2010, and kidnapped by Franco, who gives him to his mother. Lucky finds Aiden and returns him to Elizabeth and Nikolas. In 2011, Elizabeth is suspicious of how much Aiden looks like Lucky and gets another DNA test, which shows Lucky is really his father. Elizabeth keeps it a secret after Aiden's brother Jake dies in a hit-and-run accident. She tells Lucky and Nikolas months later, and Nikolas briefly kidnaps Aiden before returning him to Elizabeth and Lucky. In December 2011, Aiden is diagnosed with Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. After receiving a blood transfusion from his aunt Lulu, Aiden fully recovers.

Cameron Spencer[edit]

Cameron Spencer
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Ashwyn Bagga (2004–06)
Braeden Walkes (2006–12)
Michael Leone (2013—)
Duration 2004—
First appearance June 18, 2004
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Charles Pratt, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Classification Present, recurring
Aliases Cameron Webber
Residence 458 Lexington Avenue
(Queen's Pointe Suburb)
Port Charles, New York

Cameron Steven Spencer[16] ( Webber) is the biological of son Zander Smith (Chad Brannon) and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and the informal stepson of Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson).

Having recently divorced her husband Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst), Elizabeth and Zander conceive Cameron during a one-night-stand on November 3, 2003.[17] However, due to Zander's dangerous life style, Ric and Elizabeth reconcile and plan to raise the baby together. Zander dies in March 2004 several months before Cameron's birth. Elizabeth and Ric's second marriage falls apart and after divoring again, Liz goes to California to stay with her sister until the baby is born. Elizabeth gives birth on May 11, 2004.[18] She and baby Cameron, named after Zander's father Cameron Lewis (Lane Davies), arrive in Port Charles a month later. Elizabeth soon reunites with her high school sweetheart Lucky and they marry in 2005. After their second marriage ends in 2007, Lucky remains a part of Cameron's life and raises him as his son, though he never legally adopts him. In 2008, Cameron accidentally sets Elizabeth's house on fire while playing with matches landing Elizabeth in the hospital when she goes to rescue his little brother Jake. In December 2010, Cameron is involved in the bus accident during the General Hospital ski trip but avoids being severely injured.

Starting in 2014, Cameron feuds with his step cousin Spencer Cassadine for the affections of Emma Drake. Cameron and Emma start "dating" in March 2014 and they plan to perform together at the Nurses' Ball. They even get lessons from Emma's grandmother Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan). However, their performance is interrupted by a jealous Spencer. Cameron catches the eye of his step cousin and Spencer's new girlfriend Josslyn Jacks in the summer of 2014 when the four attend summer camp together. In 2015, Cameron breaks up with Emma at Spencer's birthday party when he finds out she knew about Spencer and Josslyn's fake relationship to break them up. Cameron then starts seeing Josslyn.

Georgie Spinelli[edit]

Georgie Spinelli
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Elle and Eve (2013)
Londyn and Teagan (2013-14) [19]
Harper Rose Barash (2015—)
Duration 2013—
First appearance August 21, 2013
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Present, recurring
Aliases Constanza Louise Falconeri II
Residence Port Charles, New York

Georgianna "Georgie" Spinelli is the daughter of Damian Spinelli and Maxie Jones. Maxie originally offered to be a surrogate for Dante and Lulu Falconeri. She was implanted with their embryo, but suffered a miscarriage. She sought comfort with Spinelli and they slept together. When Maxie went to the hospital a couple days later to get implanted with a second embryo, Dr. Britt Westbourne told Maxie that she was already pregnant. Afraid to tell Lulu and Dante about the miscarriage, Maxie decides to let them believe the baby is theirs and raise her child as their own. Soon, Spinelli's girlfriend Ellie Trout discovers the truth, but Maxie convinces her to keep quiet. As her pregnancy progresses, Maxie bonds with her daughter, but decides to keep up the lie. Maxie goes into labor at her mom's wedding reception, and her daughter is born via C-section shortly thereafter. Still drugged from surgery, Maxie insists the baby is hers, and Dante and Lulu worry about Maxie's attachment to "their" daughter. Ellie tells Spinelli the truth, and he confronts Maxie, but ultimately agrees to keep the secret. Dante and Lulu name the baby Constanza "Connie" Louise Falconeri, after Dante's late cousin, Connie Falconeri and ask Maxie and Spinelli to be her godparents. After the christening, Brad Cooper arrives and tells Dante and Lulu that Connie is Maxie and Spinelli's biological daughter. After a custody battle, Spinelli is awarded full custody of baby Connie, while Maxie is not allowed any contact with her daughter for six months. In mid-December, Spinelli and Ellie move with Connie to Portland. Despite the court order, Spinelli takes the baby to say goodbye to Maxie and they rename her Georgie, after Maxie's late sister and Spinelli's good friend, Georgie Jones. Later on Valentine's Day 2015, Georgie (portrayed by Harper Barash, the real-life daughter of Kirsten Storms and Brandon Barash) reunited with her mother Maxie in her apartment with her father Spinelli.

Previous characters[edit]

Lila Rae Alcazar[edit]

Lila Rae Alcazar
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Gianna Crane (2006-07)
Kayla Madison (2012) [20]
Duration 2006–07, 2012
First appearance October 23, 2006
Last appearance November 21, 2012
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps (2006)
Frank Valentini (2012)
Classification Former, recurring
Aliases Lila Rae Quartermaine

Lila Rae Alcazar is the daughter of Skye Quartermaine and Lorenzo Alcazar. She is named after Skye's adoptive grandmother, Lila Quartermaine and her biological grandmother, Dr. Rae Cummings.

During her pregnancy Skye feared bearing a gangster's child, and fled town with the help of Robert Scorpio. Near the birth Skye called her adoptive grandfather, Edward Quartermaine, and the call was traced by Alcazar. He found Skye, but was tied to a chair by Robert and Luke Spencer. On October 23, 2006, Skye went into labor, and Luke untied Alcazar. Skye returned to Port Charles; she and Alcazar soon reconciled, with Lila Rae's last name being changed to her father's. However, it was later revealed that Skye was having second thoughts and was forced to stay with Alcazar, who vowed to kill her if she tried to take the baby from him again. In 2006 Sam McCall and Jason Morgan were on the run, and they broke into the family's home. Sam held Lila Rae and had memories of her daughter (Lila), who was stillborn. Skye covered for Sam and Jason (who was her adoptive half-brother) so they could get away. Skye conspired with Jason (knowing he wanted to kill Alcazar for his own reasons), and helped him circumvent security at the Alcazar mansion on the night of the murder. Jason later killed Alcazar; Skye was shown opening the door for him to enter. Lila Rae last appear at the Quartermaine mansion for Christmas dinner. Shortly after, Skye and Lila Rae leave town. Skye returned in March 2010, revealing that Lila Rae was in London with her grandmother and Skye's mother Rae Cummings. In November 2012, Lila Rae returned to Port Charles with Skye to meet her family and attend Edward Quartermaine's funeral.

Alec Barrett[edit]

Alec Barrett
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Quinn Friedman
Duration 2011
First appearance May 12, 2011
Last appearance July 21, 2011
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Classification Former, recurring
Aliases Aleksander Janacek Jr.
Alec Scott
Residence Rome, Italy

Aleksander "Alec" Barrett is the son of Brenda Barrett and Aleksander Janáček.

In May 2011, it was revealed that Suzanne took Brenda's biological son Alec away and replaced him with Lucian, a child Suzanne took from her organization (ASEC). Suzanne kept Brenda's real son hidden from her so she could spend the rest of her life with her grandson Alec, while Brenda thought Lucian was her real son. Suzanne's plan fell apart when Brenda, with advice from her husband Sonny Corinthos and best friend Robin Scorpio, had Lucian take a DNA test to see if he was really her biological son. When Suzanne heard about the DNA test she kidnapped Lucian, taking him to San Antonio. Brenda was distraught at Lucian's disappearance; she appeared on television with her ex-lover and friend (Jasper Jacks), identifying Suzanne as Lucian's kidnapper and offering a reward for information on her whereabouts. Sonny, Dante Falconeri, and Carly Corinthos were all involved in the search for Lucian. Brenda remains unaware that Alec exists and is her biological son. Sonny, Carly, and Dante found Suzanne and Alec. After a confrontation with Suzanne, Sonny brought Alec back to Port Charles and Alec was introduced to his mother, Brenda. Alec settles in, adjusting to his new life with Sonny and Brenda. Brenda wants Sonny to adopt Alec and raise him as his own son. However, rival mob boss Anthony Zacchara began targeting Brenda and Alec as a way to get to Sonny. In early July, while heading to a Fourth of July picnic with his mother, he and his mother were caught in the middle of a shootout orchestrated by Anthony as a scare tactic. Brenda was concerned for Alec's safety, and Sonny planned retaliation. When Brenda's friend Jax became involved in a custody battle with his ex-wife Carly Corinthos over their daughter Josslyn Jacks, Brenda sides with Jax and Sonny sides with Carly; this created discord in their marriage. After Sonny framed Jax for assault and drug possession, Brenda was appalled and angry; she decided that she no longer wanted Alec around that lifestyle. She did not want Alec influenced by the mob and violence, so she left Sonny. Brenda and Alec moved out of the manor and into the Metro Court Hotel. On July 21 Alec moved to Rome, Italy with his mother.

Taylor DuBois[edit]

Taylor DuBois
General Hospital character
Portrayed by
Duration 2013
First appearance June 4, 2013
Last appearance December 13, 2013
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Former, recurring

Taylor DuBois is a fictional character from the original ABC Daytime drama, General Hospital. Taylor is the younger sister of GH nurse, Felix DuBois. The role was originated by Samantha Logan who made her first appearance on June 4, 2013. In September 2013, it was announced that the role has been recast with actress Pepi Sonuga who would make her on-screen debut later that month.[21]

Casting and creation[edit]

On May 15, 2013, Soaps In Depth reported through their website that Samantha Logan, of the recently defunct ABC prime time series, 666 Park Avenue had been cast in the role of Taylor.[22] Taylor comes to Port Charles to spend the summer with her big brother Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel) and immediately for TJ Ashford (Tequan Richmond). The duo's relationship will help to expand the already existing triangle between Richmond's TJ Molly Lansing (Haley Pullos), and Rafe Kovich (Jimmy Deshler) into a quadrangle.[23] Of the character's introduction, head writer Ron Carlivati commented, "Not everything can be a triangle."[22] Carlivati revealed to Soaps In Depth that Molly, Rafe and T.J. would be featured heavily in the summer and the story would address whether T.J. and Molly could work through their issues or if Molly would choose Rafe. However, Taylor's introduction will "turn the whole thing upside down."[24] In September 2013, the role was recast with actress Pepi Sonuga.[21]


Angela Durrell said Taylor's introduction would not only add to the dynamic for the younger characters, but would also make things interesting for the adults.[25] Soap Opera Network said Logan's introduction came just in time for the usual summer teen storylines.[26] The July 8, issue of Soaps In Depth listed Taylor at #3 in the "5 Things We're Loving" section.[27] Jamey Giddens praised the actress and the dynamic that Taylor brought to the teen scene and likened Taylor and Molly to the 90s feud between Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil) and Karen Wexler (Marie Wilson).[28]

B. J. Jones[edit]

B. J. Jones
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Brighton Hertford (1986–94)
Unknown actress (2005)
Kirsten Storms (2009)
Duration 1986–94, 2005, 2009
First appearance October 1986
Last appearance February 24, 2009
Created by Pat Falken Smith
Norma Monty
Introduced by Gloria Monty
Book appearances Robin's Diary
Classification Former, recurring

Barbara Jean "B.J." Jones was born on October 6, 1986, the daughter of Tony Jones and his first wife, Tania Roskov. She was named Barbara Jean in honor of nurse Bobbie Spencer, who helps her mother give birth to her (Tania was alone in her apartment during a storm and power outage when she goes into labor). Bobbie adopts B.J. years later, after Tania dies in a car accident and Bobbie marries Tony Jones.

Seven-year-old B.J. was left brain-dead after her school van was hit by a drunk driver in May 1994. Her father made the decision to donate B.J.'s organs, and her heart was transplanted into her ailing cousin Maxie Jones. In a moving scene, Tony laid his head on Maxie's chest and listened to his daughter's heartbeat within his niece. Later, Tony sat beside B.J.'s body (still on the operating table); he asked her to take his own broken heart in exchange, and keep it safe. The storyline won much critical acclaim and several awards for acting and writing.

In May 2005, Maxie has a heart attack at a party on the Haunted Star and has to undergo another heart transplant but she doesn't want to have it because she wants to keep B.J.'s heart. In June, Maxie has visions of B.J. telling her cousin to live her life for her sake, Maxie later recovers and has her high school graduation.

In February 2009, as part of the ABC Daytime "Go Red" campaign for women with heart disease, the storyline was reprised. Maxie fell asleep after attending the "Go Red" fashion show in New York City; while asleep she dreamed of an alternate universe, where she died and B.J. lived. When she woke up, Maxie was glad to be alive. On October 6, 2011, Maxie celebrated B.J.'s birthday with a red heart balloon and a small stone saying "Barbara Jean Jones: Will not be forgotten". B.J. was also shown in a picture.

Rafe Kovich, Jr.[edit]

Rafe Kovich, Jr.
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Jimmy Deshler
Duration 2013-14
First appearance January 30, 2013
Last appearance July 16, 2014
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Former, recurring
Residence 829 Hawthorne Dr, #82
Port Charles, New York

Rafe Kovich, Jr. was a fictional character from the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital, and was the son of super-couple Rafe Kovich and Alison Barrington from the defunct spin-off series Port Charles. The role was portrayed by Jimmy Deshler from 2013 to 2014.

On January 30, 2013, Rafe arrives in Port Charles with Alison, having spent most of his life on the run. He bonds with Molly Lansing when she buys him lunch. When he returns to his mother, he sees her being murdered by Caleb. John McBain (Michael Easton) finds Rafe next to his mother's body, holding the murder weapon, so Rafe is arrested. At the station, Rafe insists he's innocent, and points the finger at John. Caleb frees Rafe, but Rafe refuses to go with him and runs off. Molly agrees to hide Rafe and he mistakenly lets Heather Webber take Molly's nephew Danny. Molly's mother, Alexis, turns Rafe in to the police and Molly breaks Rafe, John and Lucy Coe out of jail so they can rescue Sam Morgan and Danny who have been kidnapped by Caleb. John figures out that Caleb is really Stephen Clay (Michael Easton), a former rockstar who went insane. After Sam and Danny are rescued Sam takes Rafe in as her foster son.

A few weeks later, Stephen's estranged brother Silas Clay (Michael Easton) shows up and files for custody of Rafe. Although Silas is awarded custody, Rafe doesn't want anything to do with him, so Silas lets Rafe stay with Sam while Silas treats Danny for leukemia. After Danny recovers, Rafe moves in with Silas and realizes his uncle isn't a bad guy like his father.

As time passes, Rafe develops a crush on Molly and repeatedly butts heads with her boyfriend T.J.. He and Taylor DuBois pretend to be dating in order to make Molly and T.J. jealous, but when that fails, Rafe tattles to Alexis after seeing T.J. and Molly getting a room at the Metro Court Hotel.

In June 2014, T.J. finds Rafe snorting cocaine in the park. T.J. taunts Rafe about his serial killer dad. Rafe snarks about T.J.'s mom and Molly's dad being drug dealers and then punches T.J. On July 2, Sam, Silas and Patrick Drake realize that Rafe was the driver who ran Patrick off the road, ultimately leading to the death of his infant son. Running from the cops, Rafe discovers that Nina is faking her paralysis and that she is out to destroy Sam and Silas, but Nina gives Rafe money to leave town. As he is leaving, Molly gets in the car to stop him, but he drives off with her. While being chased by Sam and Dante, Rafe tells Molly that someone told him to run Patrick off the road. Then the car crashes into the road block, and Rafe and Molly are rushed to the hospital. Rafe apologizes to Patrick for killing his son, but suffers a seizure before he can tell Patrick everything. Patrick reluctantly operates on Rafe, but a blood vessel in Rafe's brain bursts, leaving him brain dead. On July 16, Silas turned off the life support machines and Rafe dies surrounded by family and friends.

Gabriel Santiago[edit]

Gabriel Santiago
General Hospital character
Duration 2014
First appearance April 25, 2014
Last appearance June 5, 2014
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Former, recurring

Gabriel Drake Santiago was the son of Patrick Drake and Sabrina Santiago. Gabriel was born prematurely April 25, 2014 after his parents and older sister, Emma were in a car accident. He was rushed to the hospital and treated by Dr. Britt Westbourne in the neonatal intensive-care unit. He was put on a ventilator to help him breathe. He suffered a minor set back and was unable to get enough air into his lungs, but the doctors were able to stabilize him. Patrick and Sabrina sat vigil by his bedside as the doctors cared for him. As his condition seemed to be improving, his parents along with sister Emma, decided to name him Gabriel Drake Santiago, after his maternal grandmother, father, and half-sister. Gabriel's condition took a turn for the worse when he was diagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis. This condition caused the infection he was fighting to spread, which resulted in massive organ failure. His parents had him baptized in the hospital and soon after he died surrounded by his parents.

Jake Spencer[edit]

Jake Spencer
General Hospital character
Portrayed by Landon and Trey (2007)
Amanda, Miranda and Maryssa Jones (2007)
Edward and James Nigbor (2007–08)
James Nigbor (2009–11)
Duration 2007–11
First appearance May 4, 2007
Last appearance August 1, 2011
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
General Hospital: Night Shift
Classification Former, recurring
Aliases Jake Webber

Jacob "Jake" Martin Spencer was the son of Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber. Lucky Spencer was his legal father. After catching her husband Lucky Spencer in bed with Maxie Jones, Elizabeth sleeps with Jason and becomes pregnant. She keeps the paternity a secret, letting everyone believe that Lucky is the father. Elizabeth tells Jason the truth during the Metro Court hostage crisis in February 2007, but later asks him to let her and Lucky raise the baby for his safety and so that Lucky does not relapse with his drug addiction. Elizabeth gives birth in May, and names the baby Jacob Martin to give him Jason's initials. Jake is kidnapped from the park while Elizabeth has her back turned. With the help of Amelia Joffe, Jason finds Jake with a woman named Maureen Harper and returns him to Elizabeth. During the Black and White Ball at Wyndemere Castle, Jason finally admits to Lucky that he is Jake's father. Lucky soon tells Elizabeth and Jason that he will continue to pose as Jake's father for his safety. Jake is again kidnapped by Jason's enemies, and is rescued by Jason and Sam. In September 2009, during a carnival outside the hospital, Jake is buried under a collapsed tent when his biological great-grandfather (Edward Quartermaine, suffering a heart attack) crashed his car on the midway. Jake is rushed to the hospital, but has no serious injuries.

In March 2011, Jake is struck by a hit-and-run driver.[32] He is declared brain-dead, and placed on life support. Lucky and Elizabeth agree to give Jake's kidney to Josslyn Jacks, who is dying of cancer. Jake's death also serves as the catalyst for Robin Scorpio and her estranged husband, Patrick Drake, to reunite. It is revealed that the driver of the hit-and-run is Luke Spencer, Lucky's father, who falls into a downward spiral of drinking. Elizabeth and Lucky both hallucinate about Jake.


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