Children of the Living Dead

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Children of the Living Dead
U.S. DVD Cover
Directed by Tor Ramsey
Produced by John A. Russo
Karen Lee Wolf
Written by Karen Lee Wolf
Starring Tom Savini
Marty Schiff
Damien Luvara
Jamie McCoy
Sam Nicotero
Music by Alan Howarth
Cinematography Bill Hinzman
Edited by Lewis Schoenbrun
Tom Dubensky
Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment
Release dates October 9, 2001 (U.S.)
June 11, 2001 (U.K.)
Running time 90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Children of the Living Dead is a 2001 American direct-to-video zombie film written by Karen L. Wolf and directed by Tor Ramsey. Executive produced by John A. Russo, the film serves as a sequel to Night of the Living Dead: 30th Anniversary Edition,[1] a recut version of the original film that Russo produced without the involvement of George A. Romero.

This film is notable only for Tom Savini's appearance as a zombie killer in the beginning and for its near-unanimous poor reviews; the film itself is generally regarded as a bad imitation of the original, though many of the zombie rules are not followed.


Serial murderer and rapist Abbot Hayes disappears from the morgue and becomes the leader of several waves of zombies that attack his home town. Fourteen years after the last zombie attack, a businessman relocates bodies from a local cemetery to pave the way for progress, but sets in motion Abbot's next undead assault.


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