Chilean presidential election, 1958

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Presidential elections were held in Chile on 4 September 1958.[1] The result was a victory for Jorge Alessandri, who ran as an independent.

Electoral system[edit]

The election was held using the absolute majority system, under which a candidate had to receive over 50% of the popular vote to be elected. If no candidate received over 50% of the vote, both house of the National Congress would come together to vote on the two candidates that received the most votes.[2]


Candidate Party Public vote Congressional vote
Votes % Votes %
Jorge Alessandri Independent 389,909 31.6 147 85.0
Salvador Allende Socialist Party 356,493 28.9 26 15.0
Eduardo Frei Montalva Christian Democratic Party 255,769 20.7
Luis Bossay Leiva Radical Party 192,077 15.6
Antonio Zamorano Herrera Independent 41,304 3.3
Invalid/blank votes 14,978 14
Total 1,250,350 100 187 100
Registered voters/turnout 1,497,493 83.5 192 97.4
Source: Nohlen, Chilean Electoral Database


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