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The Chilia or Kilia branch (Romanian: Braţul Chilia; Ukrainian: Кілійське гирло) is a distributary of the river Danube, that contributes in forming the Danube Delta. It is named after the two towns having this name, located on its two shores: Kiliya, on the northern, Ukrainian bank and Chilia Veche on the southern, Romanian bank.

The other two main branches of the Danube are the Sulina branch and the Sfântu Gheorghe branch.

The Chilia branch begins at the Ismail Islet, and is 104 km long. The flow at the entrance into the delta is of 6,350 m3/s; the Chilia branch carries between 58 and 60 percent of this flow.

Coordinates: 45°13′44″N 28°44′10″E / 45.22889°N 28.73611°E / 45.22889; 28.73611