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Not to be confused with chimichurri, the Central and South American marinating sauce for meat.

The Chimichurri burger (usually called "Chimi burger", "Dominican burger", or simply "chimi") is a traditional snack dish (sandwich) served in the Dominican Republic. It is made from a ground pork or beef, which is sliced, grilled and served on a pan de agua (literally "water bread") and garnished with chopped cabbage. Salsa rosa is also added. This dish is made throughout the Dominican Republic and is usually sold on street stands. Each vendor has their own recipe; flavors and ingredients can substantially vary the texture and taste of the chimichurris.[1]

This Dominican dish borrows its name from the unrelated Argentinian sauce.[citation needed] Chimichurri sauce is a staple sauce condiment within Argentina.[2]

Outside the Dominican Republic[edit]

Chimichurris are popularly sold out of food trucks in the Dominican Republic and in various areas of the United States. Such areas include: Washington Heights, Manhattan, Corona, Queens, Brooklyn, Paterson, New Jersey, Allapattah area of Miami, East and South Orlando, Lawrence, Massachusetts, north of San Antonio, and in Providence, Rhode Island.[3]

The dish served in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan refers to a hamburger on pan de agua, a round bun topped with a seasoned patty of ground beef, a mayonnaise/ketchup sauce, and some lightly sauteed vegetables, which include sliced tomatoes, onions and shredded cabbage.


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