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People's Republic of China relations – Czech relations


Czech Republic

People's Republic of China – Czech Republic relations officially began in 6 October 1949 when the Czech Republic was under the former country called Czechoslovakia.[1][2]


People's Republic of China–Czech Republic relations began in 6 October 1949 when the Czech republic was under the former country called Czechoslovakia.[1] The Czech Republic became an independent country on 1 January 1993, the Chinese government extended diplomatic relations.[1]

In 1993, government officials from both sides signed and exchange notes recognizing the treaties and agreements signed between China and the former Czechoslovakia Federal Republic continues to be upheld and binding.[1]

The bilateral relationship sunk to a low in 1995 as the Czech Republic allowed Lien Chan and other Taiwanese government officials to have a state visit in their country.[1] The Czech Republic also openly supported Two-Chinas and Taiwan's re-entry in the United Nations.[1]

In early 1996, relationship between the two countries improved as the Czech Republic reaffirmed its One China policy.[1]

In 20 May 2009, China and Czech Republic celebrated sixty years of diplomatic relations.[3][4] Chinese premier Wen Jiabao met with Czech President Vaclav Klaus and the then Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer for talks on improving bilateral trade, environment protection and build mutual trust.[3][4]

Bilateral relations[edit]

The economic relations between the countries stood at US $340 million in 1993 when the Czech Republic became an independent state.[1] Over the years, the bilateral trade has increased. In 2001, the trade volume between the two countries was US $615 million.[1]

In 2007, bilateral trade between China and the Czech Republic stood at $9.9 billion.[5] This has increased to 61.9 percent year on year basis.[5]

In the same year, Chinese exports to the Czech Republic was $9.2 billion in 2007.[5] China's import from the Czech Republic's was $700 million in 2006.[5]

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