China Eastern Airlines Flight 5210

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China Eastern Airlines Flight 5210
Accident summary
Date November 21, 2004 (2004-11-21)
Summary Ice accumulation
Site Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China
Passengers 47
Crew 6
Fatalities 55 (all, plus 2 on ground)
Survivors 0 (none)
Aircraft type Bombardier CRJ-200LR
Operator China Eastern Airlines
Registration B-3072
Flight origin Baotou Erliban Airport, Baotou, China
Destination Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai, China

China Eastern Airlines Flight 5210 (CES5210, MU5210) was a flight from Baotou Erliban Airport, Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai, China. On November 21, 2004 it crashed into a park shortly after take off, killing all 53 passengers on board and two more people on the ground.

The aircraft took off at 8:20 am local time (00:20 UTC). In less than a minute, it was out of control and crashed into a lake inside Nanhai Park, two kilometres from the airport. Eyewitnesses reported seeing smoke near the plane shortly after take off, followed by shaking of the plane and then its eventual crash. The CVR recording contains the captain calling "What's wrong?" and passengers crying at the time of the crash.

The aircraft departed 15 minutes ahead of schedule.


Crew members[edit]

  • Flight Crew
    • Captain: Wang Pin (王品);
    • Vice Captain: Yang Guang (杨光);
    • First Officer: Yi Qinwei (易沁炜);
  • Flight Attendants: Huang Chongyan (黄崇燕), Shi Meimian (史美棉);
  • Security Officer: Jiang Chaohong (姜朝宏).


52 of the total 53 passengers on board were Chinese citizens, and 1 was from Indonesia.[citation needed]


Weather at the time of crash was fine, although the temperature was below zero degrees Celsius. There was a rumor stating that the fuel was "frozen", causing the disaster. This was immediately proved to be impossible.


The investigation revealed that the RegionalJet B-3072 aircraft was parked overnight at the Baotou Airport in cold weather conditions, which caused it to collect a layer of frost.

The aircraft was not de-iced prior to flight, and during takeoff the frost contamination severely degraded its aerodynamic performance. As the jet rotated, it entered a stall from which the flight crew was unable to recover. The aircraft crashed into a frozen lake in Nanhai Park, about two kilometers from the runway, and also struck a park ticket office, killing two park employees, in addition to all 53 persons on board.[1]


In 2006, twelve people of China Eastern Airlines were found to be responsible and received administrative punishment.[1]

China Eastern no longer operates this route. All flights between Baotou and Shanghai are now operated by its subsidiary Shanghai Airlines as Flights 9438 and 9136 (to Hongqiao), plus Junyao airlines to Pudong.


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