China Education Television

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China Education Television
Type Television network and
Cable television
Industry Television Broadcasting
Founded October 1, 1986
Headquarters Beijing, China
Products Television content, Television programming
Parent State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television

China Education Television (ETV) (simplified Chinese: 中国教育电视台; traditional Chinese: 中國教育電視台; pinyin: Zhōngguó Jiàoyù Diànshìtái) is an educational TV station in the People's Republic of China. Its first broadcast was on October 1, 1986.Its function is to provide Chinese people with educational programmes,just like PBS in US or NHK Educational TV in Japan.


  • China ETV-1: General Educational Channel(nationwide)
  • China ETV-2: University/College Teaching Channel(nationwide)
  • China ETV-3: Humanity Teaching Channel(only broadcast in Beijing)
  • China ETV Air Classroom Channel: Teaching programmes for rural students and teachers in China(nationwide)
  • China ETV Baby Channel: Like Cbeebies in UK,provide cartoons and other interesting programmes for kids under 6 and their parents(nationwide)
  • China ETV Chinese Culture Channel :an international channel for foreigners who want to learn Chinese and know about Chinese culture(worldwide)


The network was founded on October 1, 1986.


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