China Federation of Literary and Art Circles

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China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC Chinese: 中国文学艺术界联合会), established in July 1949, is a non-governmental organization composed of nationwide associations of writers and artists. CFLAC is one of the founders of CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference).[1] CFLAC includes artist associations which are involved in such activities as academic studies and discussion, performances, exhibitions, and competitions.[2]


  • China Artists Association(中国美术家协会)
  • China Film Association(中国电影家协会)
  • Chinese Musicians Association(中国音乐家协会)
  • China Television Artists Association(中国电视艺术家协会)
  • China Writers Association(中国作家协会)[3]

Presidents of the Federation[edit]


  • Party secretary: Zhao Shi 2011-now[5]
  • Party secretary: Hu Zhenmin 2004-2010


  • China Art Newspaper[6]
  • Contemporary TV[7]
  • Popular Cinema
  • Popular Photography[8]


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