China International Water & Electric Corporation

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China International Water & Electric Corporation
State owned enterprise
Industry Construction
Headquarters Beijing, China
Number of employees
Website China International Water & Electric Corporation (English)

China International Water & Electric Corporation (abbreviated CWE) is a Chinese construction and engineering consulting company that is a subsidiary of China Three Gorges Corporation (CTE). CWE specializes in the construction of water and hydropower projects but work runs the gamut including road and bridge, power transmission, drainage and sewage treatment systems, dredging, port maintenance, and interior design. With over a billion in international sales in 2012, the company ranked as the 86th largest construction and engineering company based on international contracting work.[1]

The company has completed projects in China, the rest of Asia, Africa, and Europe. It built an $80 million hydroelectric plant in Macedonia that started operating in 2003.[2] It is building several major hydropower projects in developing countries to turnaround power shortfalls. It started construction in 2013 of the $556 million Isimba hydropower dam located in Busaana sub-county, Kayunga district, Uganda.[3] The company signed a deal with Cameroon in 2011 to build the Lom Pangar Dam hydropower project which consists of a main dam across the Sanaga River for nearly $200 million.[4] In battling for international contracts, CWE is a head on rival with Sinohydro, another Chinese with a hydropower specialization, having ferociously competed with Sinohydro for the Karuma hydropower project in Uganda in 2013; in the end it lost to its rival.[3]

Although mainly associated with hydropower, CWE is also involved in wind power. Its parent company, CTE, seeks to develop a 49.5 MW wind farm in Thatta, Pakistan, and in 2011 signed on its subsidiary CWE and another company, China Huashui Development Corporation (CHDC), to install turbines manufactured by Goldwind.[5] In a more ambitious deal signed in 2013, CWE with joint venture partner Goldwind, plan to design, build and operate a 300 MW wind farm in Jordan.[6]


On 1st October 2014 the World bank announced the debarment of Chinese state-owned enterprise China International Water and Electric Corp. (CWE) and its controlled affiliates for a period of three years with conditional release and requested it's worldwide development partners to follow suit due to integrity issues.[7][8]


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