Chinandega Department

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Departamento de Chinandega
Country Nicaragua
Capital Chinandega
Area 4,926 km2 (1,902 sq mi)
Population 441,300 (2005)
ISO 3166-2 NI-CI

Chinandega (Spanish pronunciation: [tʃinanˈdeɣa]) is a department in Nicaragua, located on the border with Honduras. It covers an area of 4,926 km² and has a population of 441,300 (2005 census). The capital is the city of Chinandega.

Largely agricultural, it produces rum from sugar cane; other products are bananas, peanuts, shrimps and salt.


  1. Chichigalpa
  2. Chinandega
  3. San Juan de Cinco Pinos
  4. Corinto
  5. El Realejo
  6. El Viejo
  7. Posoltega
  8. Puerto Morazán
  9. San Francisco del Norte
  10. San Pedro del Norte
  11. Santo Tomás del Norte
  12. Somotillo
  13. Villanueva

Coordinates: 12°37′N 87°09′W / 12.617°N 87.150°W / 12.617; -87.150