Chinatown, Cincinnati

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Cincinnati Chinatown
Neighborhood of Cincinnati
Coordinates: 39°6′N 84°31′W / 39.100°N 84.517°W / 39.100; -84.517
Country  United States
State Ohio
City Cincinnati
ZIP Code 45202
Area code(s) Area code 513

The U.S. city of Cincinnati, Ohio once had a Chinatown on East 5th Street until the 1940s, which boasted of a population of about 300 and had an unofficial mayor according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. After the invasion by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor, the mayor feared that the Chinese who resided in Chinatown would be mistaken for being Japanese during a time when there was negative sentiment for peoples of Japanese descent in the United States.[1]


In 1930, Charlie Yee was the unofficial mayor of Cincinnati's Chinatown.[2] According to an Oakland Tribune article dated August 27, 1937, the Chinatown mayor predicted victory over Japan.[3] In 1976, another source referenced the Shanghai Inn restaurant operating within the boundaries of the Chinatown.[4] In 1938, Doris Day got her debut from an audition that was held in this restaurant.[5]


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