Chinatown, Denver

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Denver Chinatown/Hop Alley Market
Neighborhood of Denver
Wazee St in LoDo, former location of Chinatown
Wazee St in LoDo, former location of Chinatown
Coordinates: 39°44′21″N 104°59′5″W / 39.73917°N 104.98472°W / 39.73917; -104.98472
Country  United States
State Colorado
City Denver
ZIP Code 80202
Area code(s) Area code 303

The U.S. city of Denver, Colorado was once home to a Chinatown called "Hop Alley" according to an article from the Denver Post.[1]


Denver's old Chinatown was created as a result of the railroad and mining industries, according to University of Colorado history professor Tom Noel. Today, "... the only visible sign of Denver's long-lost Chinatown is a commemorative plaque near Blake and 20th streets. Rewind 150 years, however, and that area housed the influx of Chinese immigrants who arrived to build railroads and work in mines." Noel further stated that "... the boundaries of Denver's old Chinatown shifted somewhat over time, from 15th Street to 20th Street and from Market Street all the way to Wazee Street" by the year 1870.[2] Today, the old Chinatown has been replaced by the LoDo and the Ballpark Neighborhoods.[3] According to Noel, tensions flared to the point in the 1880s that there was rioting and eventually deaths and eventually the destruction of Chinatown.

The "Hop Alley" Moniker[edit]

According to the article, "... Denver's Chinatown earned the moniker 'Hop Alley' because it was seen as a place where one could have an 'exotic experience' "

South Federal Boulevard[edit]

The Denver Post article further states that the Denver does not have a Chinatown today because "...the Chinese are so well integrated." However, it states that the "...the closest you'll come to a Chinatown today" is the Asian market that is located on South Federal Blvd.


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