Chinatown, Fresno

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Fresno Chinatown
Neighborhood of Fresno
Coordinates: 36°45′N 119°46′W / 36.750°N 119.767°W / 36.750; -119.767
Country  United States
State California
County Fresno County
City Fresno
ZIP Code 93706
Area code(s) Area code 559

The U.S. city of Fresno, California is home to a historic Chinatown, founded in 1872 before the city of Fresno was established in 1885. Excavations have discovered several underground tunnels that connected the buildings in the Chinatown.[1]


Fresno's Chinatown began in 1872 when the Central Pacific Railroad line reached Fresno station. Rehar talks further about other Chinese residents moving into area called "China Alley" which existed between F and G Streets where "... opium dens and gambling parlors were prevalent."[2] For a long time, the tunnels underneath Chinatown were well known by city officials that connected basements of several buildings.[3] However, the area surrounding the Chinatown was a larger "slum" with known criminal activity. In general, the author further states that the Chinatown was generally considered "filthy" with houses "... lining a single dilapidated street."[4]


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