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Coordinates: 27°58′09″S 153°24′49″E / 27.9691°S 153.4135°E / -27.9691; 153.4135 Chinatown is a precinct in Southport, Gold Coast, Australia that runs through Davenport Street and Young Street. The precinct extends between Nerang Street in the north and Garden Street/Scarborough Street east-west. Redevelopment of the precinct will begin in 2013 and is expected to be completed by November 2014.[1]


The Gold Coast Chinatown Association was founded in early-2011 and was headed by Gold Coast businessman Ted Fong who had been pushing for a Gold Coast Chinatown for 20 years.[2] In 2011 plans were revealed to redevelop Davenport and Young Street into a Chinese precinct that will be a part of a larger-scale creation of a Central Business District in Southport.[3] Gold Coast's Chinese sister cities Zhuhai and Beihai will donate three arches that will be placed at either end of Young Street and one quarter of the way through Davenport Street to indicate where the precinct begins.[4] It was later revealed the streets will undergo $3.3 million in streetscaping and the project will launch on July 12, 2013.[5] Gold Coast Chinatown chairman Ted Fong revealed the project will be completed in mid-2014. In July 2014 it was revealed the official opening of Chinatown, Gold Coast will take place in November 2014.

Street Modifications[edit]

The precinct will be situated in a T-shaped area through Young and Davenport Streets. The two streets will undergo streetscaping that includes making part of the road a one way lane while also installing trees and cultural embellishments. The streets will be heavily pedestrian friendly as well.[6]

Precinct Elements[edit]

Three paifang's (gateways) will mark the boundary of Chinatown and will represent the relationship with Chinese sister cities Zhuhai and Beihai. Ultimately, a cultural centre and memorial gardens are proposed which will contain a worship centre, for both Taoist and Buddhist, and an exhibition space for displays of Chinese culture.

On July 10, 2014 it was revealed the State Government would contribute $100,000 towards the installation of Chinese themed lanterns and projectors.[7] The lanterns and projectors are expected to be completed by August 2014.


The northern entrance of the precinct will be located one block west of the Southport G:link tram station on Nerang Street while the eastern entrance on Scarborough Street is also located one block south of the station. The precinct will be serviced by bus routes running through the area as well.


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