Chinatown, Monterey Park

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Monterey Park Chinatown
Chinatown in Monterey Park, California
Chinatown in Monterey Park, California
Coordinates: 34°2′57″N 118°8′8″W / 34.04917°N 118.13556°W / 34.04917; -118.13556Coordinates: 34°2′57″N 118°8′8″W / 34.04917°N 118.13556°W / 34.04917; -118.13556
Country  United States
State California
County Los Angeles County
City Monterey Park
ZIP Code 91754-91756
Area code(s) 323, 626

The U.S. city of Monterey Park, California (Chinese: 蒙特利公园; pinyin: mēng té lì gōng yuán) is home to the U.S.'s first suburban Chinatown according to the Los Angeles Times and is one of the Chinese enclaves in the San Gabriel Valley.[1][2] According to the same source, starting in 1977, Frederic Hsieh bought up multiple properties in an effort to create what he described would be a "mecca for Chinese". Timothy Fong wrote an entire book that documents the history in the transforming of Monterey Park from an ordinary suburb to a Chinatown.[3] Samuel Ho further documents that Monterey Park falls into the "new Chinatown" category with Houston specifically cited as an example from which it follows.[4]


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