Chinatown, Richmond

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Richmond Chinatown
Retail district
Coordinates: 37°32′27.5″N 77°25′58.4″W / 37.540972°N 77.432889°W / 37.540972; -77.432889
Country  United States
State Virginia
County Henrico County
City Richmond
ZIP Code 23226
Area code(s) Area code 804

The U.S. city of Richmond, Virginia (Chinese: 里士满; pinyin: lǐ shì mǎn) has a "Chinatown" on a "semi-suburban road" setting on Horsepen Road that the author says is "... our downtown Chinatown."[1] Style Weekly says the Horsepen Road area is "... at the edge of one of the area's larger immigrant communities makes it seem like Chinatown South, especially on weekends."[2] Before this place existed, "... it used to be that you'd have to venture to Washington or New York to experience Asian cuisines."[3] According to the Richmond Times, the local Falun Gong held a "... meditation session, a news conference and a parade through 'Richmond Chinatown' on Horsepen Road "[4]


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