Chinchaga Wildland Park

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Chinchaga Wildland Park
IUCN category Ib (wilderness area)
Map showing the location of Chinchaga Wildland Park
Location of Chinchaga Wildland Park in Alberta
Location Clear Hills County, Alberta, Canada
Nearest city Manning
Coordinates 57°07′59″N 119°32′59″W / 57.13306°N 119.54972°W / 57.13306; -119.54972Coordinates: 57°07′59″N 119°32′59″W / 57.13306°N 119.54972°W / 57.13306; -119.54972
Area 803 km²
Established 2000
Governing body Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation

Chinchaga Wildland Park is a wilderness area in Alberta, Canada.

It is located on the upper course of the Chinchaga River, about 140 km west of Manning, in a remote area of north-western Alberta. The only road that provides access is the Chinchaga Forestry Road, a high grade gravel road running west from the Mackenzie Highway.

It was designated by the Alberta Government as a protected area in 2000, under the "Special Places" program.[1] While the Special Places aim to protect the natural state of the area, other uses are permitted under provincial law. Concerns have been raised about oil and gas development in parts of this wilderness area.[2]


The environment consists of boreal forests and muskeg, with deciduous and coniferous forests mixed with wetlands and fens. It provides year round habitat for grizzly bears and woodland caribou, as well as nesting grounds for trumpeter swans.[3]

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