List of Chinese films of the 1960s

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This is a list of films produced in China ordered by year of release in the 1960s. For an alphabetical listing of Chinese films see Category:Chinese films


Year Title Director Actors Genre Notability
1960 Red Detachment of Women Xie Jin
A Revolutionary Family Shui Hua Yu Lan,
Sun Daolin
Drama Best Screenplay at the Hundred Flowers Awards, entered into the 2nd Moscow International Film Festival
Song of the Red Flag Ling Zifeng Drama
1961 Chun lei Ling Zifeng,
Lu Peng
Havoc in Heaven (Part I) Wan Laiming Animation
Spring Comes to the Withered Tree Zheng Junli You Jia,
Xu Zhihua
1962 Dreams of the Red Chambers Cen Fan Drama
Fire on the Plain Zhang Junxiang,
Gu Eryi
Wang Shangxin,
Wang Xiyan
Li Shuangshuang Lu Ren Zhang Ruifang Drama
1963 The Cowboy's Flute Animation Shanghai Animation Film Studio
Early Spring in February Xie Tieli Sun Daolin,
Shangguan Yunzhu
Serfs Li Jun Wang Dui Drama
Visitor on Ice Mountain Zhao Xinshui Liang Yin,
Gu Yuying
Waves on the Southern Shore Cai Chusheng
1964 Doctor Bethune Zhang Junxiang Tan Ningbang,
Cun Li
Havoc in Heaven (Part II) Wan Laiming Animated
Heroic Sons and Daughters Wu Zhaodi Tian Fang War Changchun Film Studio production
Prairie Eagles Ling Zifeng,
Dong Kena
Sentinels under the Neon Lights Wang Ping,
Ge Gan
Xu Linge Drama
Two Stage Sisters Xie Jin Shanghai Film Studio production
1965 The East Is Red Wang Ping Musical
Living Forever in Burning Flames Shui Hua Drama
Tunnel War Ren Xudong War

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