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Chinese imperial cuisine (simplified Chinese: 御膳 / 宫廷菜; traditional Chinese: 御膳 / 宮廷菜; pinyin: yùshàn / gōngtíng cài) is derived from a variety of cooking styles of the regions in China, mainly Shandong cuisine and Jiangsu cuisine. The style originated from the Emperor's Kitchen and the Empress Dowager's Kitchen, and it is similar to Beijing cuisine which it heavily influenced. The characteristics of the Chinese imperial cuisine is the elaborate cooking methods and the strict selection of material, which are often extremely expensive, rare, or complicated in preparation. Visual presentation is also very important, so the color and the shape of the dish must be carefully arranged. The most famous Chinese imperial cuisine restaurants are both located in Beijing: Fang Shan (Chinese: 仿膳; pinyin: fǎngshàn) in Beihai Park and Ting Li Ting (simplified Chinese: 听鹂厅; traditional Chinese: 聽鸝廳; pinyin: tīng lí tīng) in the Summer Palace.

The imperial cuisine is popular among tourists.

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