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Chinese in Italy
Total population
304,768 (2013)
0.25% of the Italian population
Regions with significant populations
Milan, Rome, Prato, Treviso
Chinese · Italian
Predominantly Buddhism[1][2] · Roman Catholicism · Atheism
Related ethnic groups
Overseas Chinese
An image showing the "Rome Chinatown". Rome, along with Milan and Prato, contains the most significant Chinese community in Italy.
The "Prato Chinatown", which is along with the Milan Chinatown and Rome Chinatown, the biggest and most important in Italy.

The community of Chinese people in Italy has grown rapidly in the past ten years. Official statistics indicate there are at least 144,885 Chinese citizens in Italy, although these figures do not account for illegal immigration, former Chinese citizens who have acquired Italian nationality, or Italian-born people of Chinese descent.[3]


A detailed study conducted in 2010 jointly by the CESNUR and the University of Turin on the over-4000-people Chinese community of Turin shows that 48% of them are women and 30% are minors; 90% of them comes from Zhejiang. As for employment, 70% of them work in restaurant activity, and more than 20% in commercial activity.[4]

The city of Prato has the largest concentration of Chinese people in Italy, and as well as the whole continent of Europe. It has the second largest population of Chinese people overall in Italy, after Milan.[5]

Regarding religion, the majority of Chinese in Turin (59.3%) are non-religious, 31.6% are Buddhists, 8% are Christians (3.6% Catholics, 3.3% Protestants and 1.1% Jehovah's Witnesses), and 1.1% are Taoists.[4][6]

Community relations[edit]

In 2007, several dozen protesters took to the streets in Milan over alleged discrimination.[7] The northern Italian town of Treviso also ordered Chinese-run businesses to take down their lanterns because they looked "too oriental".[8]

Cities with significant Chinese communities[edit]

Based on Demo Istat statistics.

Notable people[edit]

Wenling Tan Monfardini table tennis player (1972)


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