Chingmy Yau

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Chingmy Yau
Chinese name 邱淑貞 (traditional)
Chinese name 邱淑贞 (simplified)
Pinyin Qiū Shūzhēn (Mandarin)
Jyutping Jau1 Suk1-zing1 (Cantonese)
Ancestry Panyu, Guangdong, China
Born (1968-05-16) 16 May 1968 (age 46)
Hong Kong
Occupation Actress
Years active 1989–1999
Spouse(s) Shen Jiawei (1999-)
Children (Three children)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Yau.

Chingmy Yau Suk-zing (born 16 May 1968) is a Hong Kong actress who no longer takes part in films although she is not formally retired.[citation needed]

Yau entered the Hong Kong film industry after competing in the 1987 Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant.

She was one of the leading actresses in the late 1980s and early 1990s, next to Maggie Cheung, Brigitte Lin and Cheung Man. She was cast in a series of Category III films, though she never appeared nude in any of them. The most notable of these was Naked Killer (1992). During the height of her success, she regularly starred alongside superstars like Jet Li, Andy Lau, Stephen Chow, and Ekin Cheng.

In 1999 she married Hong Kong fashion designer Shen Jiawei, founder of Hong Kong-based fashion company I.T. They have three children together.

Partial filmography[edit]

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