Chino Hills Swaminarayan Temple

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Chino Hills Swaminarayan Temple: BAPS samstha, Bochasan Akshar Purushottam Samstha inaugurated this temple in Dec. 2012 in Chino Hills, California, USA. Grand Celebrations were performed during its opening ceremony. Some of the festivities can be seen at this organization website for festival

It is one of kind of Architectural structures, combining original eastern design and values, along with modern elements like earthquake proof design being in earthquake zone. More than 7 years in making, with countless amount of efforts by Devotee Volunteers, Saints and well wishers, and Donations poured from all sort of places and people, entire journey of developement of this temple is quite remarkable.

The temple was controversially completed due to issue with the height of the structure. This was the first structure that was built violating city code. A city council vote allowed this sect to continue construction.[1]


Coordinates: 33°58′36″N 117°41′48″W / 33.97653°N 117.69658°W / 33.97653; -117.69658