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Columbia River Valley
Linguistic classification: Penutian ?
  • Chinook
Glottolog: chin1490[1]

Pre-contact distribution of Chinookan languages

Chinookan is a small family of languages spoken in Oregon and Washington along the Columbia River by Chinook peoples.

Family division[edit]

Chinookan languages consist of three languages with multiple varieties. There is some dispute over classification, and there are two ISO 639-3 codes assigned: chh (Chinook, Lower Chinook) and wac (Wasco-Wishram, Upper Chinook). For example, Ethnologue 15e classifies Kiksht as Lower Chinook, while others consider it instead Upper Chinook (discussion), and others a separate language.

See also[edit]

Chinook Jargon – a pidgin based on Chinookan and with many words adapted from other languages, which was used in trade along the Pacific Northwest coast and adjoining areas inland.


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