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Chip or chips may refer to:

Common meanings[edit]

  • Chips, the Australian, Irish, New Zealand and UK denomination for long cuts of potato that are deep fried or baked, similar to what is known as french fries in Canada and the US.
  • Potato chip (Australian, Canadian and US usage), a snack food made from potatoes, known as crisps in the UK and some other English-speaking countries.
  • Chip carrier, a package of integrated circuits
  • Integrated circuit, an electronic circuit built on a rectangular piece of a semiconductor wafer called a die (integrated circuit)
  • A casino token

Arts and entertainment[edit]


  • CHiPs, a television series about the California Highway Patrol



  • Chip, one of the Chip 'n' Dale animated chipmunks created by The Walt Disney Company
  • Mr. Chips, an English schoolteacher in the James Hilton novella Goodbye, Mr. Chips and film adaptations
  • Chip, a character in Sonic Unleashed
  • Chip Flagston, son of Hi and Lois
  • Chip Chase, an Autobots human ally
  • Chip Potts, in the Disney film Beauty and the Beast and other franchise films and TV episodes


  • Chips, a separate pull-out section of Whizzer and Chips, a British comic published from 1969 to 1990
  • CHiPs Improv, an improv and sketch comedy team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



Science and technology[edit]


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