Chisi Island

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Chisi Island is a small island in the middle of Lake Chilwa. Lake Chilwa is the second largest lake in Malawi. The natives of the island have a wide knowledge of forest and lake usage. There are a few fortified sanctuaries built into the island's hills. Chisi Island is home to Mchenga, a large tree much wider than two humans standing side by side. Chisi Island is sometimes referred to as the most remote location in Malawi.

Punters are in use on lake Chilwa, Malawi to transport goods and people to shore. Hand-built boats with stern are used to master the 2,5 km stretch, reaching about 3-4 metres at its deepest point.

Coordinates: 15°20′00″S 35°37′00″E / 15.3333°S 35.6167°E / -15.3333; 35.6167