Chitinase A N-terminal domain

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PDB 1edq EBI.jpg
crystal structure of chitinase a from s. marcescens at 1.55 angstroms
Symbol ChitinaseA_N
Pfam PF08329
Pfam clan CL0159
InterPro IPR013540
SCOP 1ctn
CDD cd02848

In molecular biology, the chitinase A N-terminal domain is found at the N-terminus of a number of bacterial chitinases and similar viral proteins. It is organised into a fibronectin III module domain-like fold, comprising only beta strands. Its function is not known, but it may be involved in interaction with the enzyme substrate, chitin.[1][2] It is separated by a hinge region from the catalytic domain; this hinge region is probably mobile, allowing the N-terminal domain to have different relative positions in solution.[1]


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This article incorporates text from the public domain Pfam and InterPro IPR013540