Chitipa District

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Location of Chitipa District in Malawi

Chitipa District is the northernmost district in the Northern Region of Malawi. The capital is Chitipa (formerly known as Fort Hill). The district covers an area of 4,288 km.², and has a population of 126,799. Chitipa borders fellow districts Karonga and Rumphi, as well as neighboring countries Tanzania and Zambia. The district is divided into five main areas known as Misuku to the east, Kameme to the north, Bulambia right at the centre while Wenya and Nthalire areas are situated to the south.[1]

There are five National Assembly constituencies in Chitipa: Chitipa Central, Chitipa East, Chitipa North, Chitipa South and Chitipa Wenya. Since the 2009 election all of these constituencies have been held by members of the Democratic Progressive Party.[2]


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Coordinates: 9°45′S 33°15′E / 9.750°S 33.250°E / -9.750; 33.250