Chitose Station (Hokkaido)

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Chitose Station

Chitose Station (千歳駅 Chitose Eki?) is a railway station on the JR Hokkaido Chitose Line. It is located in Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan.

Station structure[edit]

The station has two island platforms serving four tracks.

1 Chitose Line For Tomakomai
2 Chitose Line For Sapporo (departure)
3 Chitose Line (Sekishō Line) For Oiwake
4 Chitose Line For Sapporo

Surrounding area[edit]

  • Chitose Post office
  • Chitose Police station
  • Chitose city office
  • Chitose high school

Adjacent stations[edit]

Hokkaido Railway Company
Chitose Line
Minami-Chitose StationChitose StationOsatsu Station

Coordinates: 42°49′42″N 141°39′06″E / 42.828449°N 141.65175°E / 42.828449; 141.65175