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Chitta in the foreground of lake

Chitta is one of the 31 villages located in the Soon Sakesar Valley in district Khushab of Pakistan.[1] The population is around 4000. It is located 220 km south-west of Islamabad. The village sits on footsteps of the highest peak of Soon valley; Sakesar and on the edge of beautiful Uchali lake. Main towns near Chitta are Naushera, Talagang, Khushab and Sargodha.

The main source of income for the people of Chitta is cultivating crops,[2] Soldiering and animal herding.

There is one middle school inside the village and a government high school which is located roughly 500 meters from the main village. Much of the population have their homes built on an elevated part (which is known as "Dhairi" in the local language) with the Jamia Mosque on the peak of that elevation. All inhibitors are descendant of Hafiz Ilyas Awan who had fours sons Ashraf, Aslam, Akram and Qudoos and their descendants are called Ashrafal, Aslal, Mukramal and Qudsal respectively. Malik Buti Khan was nominated as the first Lambardar of Chitta. Malik Mumtaz Awan is the current Lambardar of this village who is Ashrafal. Lumberdar family is known as Wade(great)Maliks.

Tahir Javed Awan, Yusaf Javed Awan, Captain Khalid Waleed Awan, Major Masood Akhtar, Major Tariq,Lieutenant Colonel Javed Akhtar and Lt Anza Masood Awan belong to Chitta.


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  2. ^ Wheat is the most common crop that is harvested though some people have also started harvesting vegetables such as potatoes and cabbage.