Chittenden County Transportation Authority

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Chittenden County Transportation Authority
Chittenden CTA logo.png
CCTA Headquarters
Founded 1973
Headquarters 15 Industrial ParkwayCoordinates: 44°27′01″N 73°13′13″W / 44.45028°N 73.22028°W / 44.45028; -73.22028
Locale Burlington, Vermont
Service area Chittenden County with express service to major towns in adjacent counties
Service type Bus service, commuter bus service
Fleet 70 buses
Daily ridership 2.7 million annual in 2013 [1]

Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA) is the public transit system headquartered in Burlington in Chittenden County, Vermont. CCTA serves the communities of Burlington, Essex, South Burlington, Winooski, Shelburne, Williston and Milton.[2] As well as providing regular bus routes to these member municipalities, CCTA also services part of Colchester and has express routes for commuters travelling between Burlington and Montpelier, Middlebury, and St. Albans.[3]

CCTA served 2.4 million riders in fiscal year 2010.[4]

On March 17, 2014, a strike by the bus drivers' union shut down bus service, which was restored on April 4, 2014, after settlement of the strike.

Transit Center and Routes[edit]

CCTA's transit center is located on Cherry Street in downtown Burlington. Most of the local routes operate from the portion of the terminal which occupies the south side of Cherry Street from Church Street to west of Saint Paul Street. All of the commuter and express routes (36, 46, 56, 76, 86, 96) use the portion of the terminal adjacent to the northwest corner of Cherry and Saint Paul streets. As of May 2015, a replacement terminal is under construction on Saint Paul Street, between Pearl and Cherry Streets. This new terminal is scheduled to be completed in 2016.[5]

Local Routes[edit]

Most local routes operate Monday through Saturday with 30-minute service patterns during the day, with most services leaving Cherry Street at :15 and :45 after the hour. Some busier routes have weekday rush-hour 15-minute service. Rush hours are generally 6:30 to 9:00 AM and 3:00 to 6:30 PM weekdays.

Route Terminals Travels via Notes


Cherry Street Terminal
All trips: Main Street, Williston Road (South Burlington, Williston), Marshall Avenue
1E trips: Essex Road, Park Street
  • Daily service.
  • Serves University Mall.
  • Combined 1 and 1E service provides 15-minute rush service between Burlington and Walmart.


Essex Junction
Amtrak Station
  • Inbound buses shown as "1" on the schedule.
  • Serves University Mall.

Williston Village

Williston Village
Williston Road and Southridge Road
Main Street, Williston Road (South Burlington, Williston)...
Clockwise loop: Industrial Avenue, Mountain View Road, North Williston Road
(see Notes)
  • Weekday rush periods only along with one mid-day trip.
  • AM trips clockwise loop through Williston Village, PM trips counter-clockwise.
  • Only serves University Mall AM/mid-day Williston-bound trips.
2 *

Essex Junction

Essex Junction
Amtrak Station
Colchester Avenue, East Allen Street (Winooski), College Parkway (Colchester), Pearl Street (Essex Junction)
  • Some rush trips serve IBM in Essex Junction.
  • Late evening service Friday and Saturday to Fort Ethan Allen while St. Michael's College is in session.

Lakeside Commuter

Burlington - Lakeside
Lakeside Avenue and Central Avenue
Cherry Street Terminal
Lakeside Avenue, Pine Street Weekday AM rush periods, inbound only.

Essex Center

Essex Junction
Amtrak Station
Clockwise Loop Main Street (Essex), Essex Outlet Fair, Center Road, Sand Hill Road, River Road, Maple Street
  • Weekdays only, no late morning service.
  • Rush trips serve IBM by on-board request.
5 *

Pine Street

Cherry Street Terminal
Burlington - South End
Baird Street/Park and Ride

Queen City Park Road and Pine Street
Saint Paul Street, Pine Street
  • Late evening service via other routes' out of service buses and is signed as PINE ST TO GARAGE.
  • Some Saturday trips serve Lakeside.

Shelburne Road

Shelburne Museum South Union Street, Shelburne Road Some rush trips extended to Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

North Avenue

Burlington - New North End
Westward Drive and North Avenue
North Street, North Avenue
  • Outbound buses are signed as NORTHGATE, but the terminal is further up North Avenue.
  • Non-rush daytime trips serve Heineberg Road.
8 *

City Loop

Clockwise Loop North Avenue, North Street, Archibald Street, North Prospect Street, Maple Street, Battery Street
  • Alternate buses serve Fern Hill or McAuley Square (about the halfway point of the loop) and are signed as such.
  • 15-minute service during the AM rush.
  • Pre-June 2008, known as "Old North End Loop" with bi-directional service.[6]


Champlain Mill
(See Notes)
Elmwood Avenue, Riverside Avenue...
Counter-clockwise loop: Barlow Street, Main Street, Weaver Street, Malletts Bay Avenue
  • The Winooski Loop starts/ends at the Champlain Mill.
  • Late morning buses skip the Winooski Loop and return to Burlington.
11 *

College Street Shuttle

Union Station
Fletcher Allen Health Care
Main Entrance
College Street, Colchester Avenue
  • Daily and evening service from Memorial Day to Columbus Day, otherwise weekday service only.
  • Service is fare-free, and runs every 15 minutes weekdays and weekend mid-days and afternoons.

South Burlington Circulator

South Burlington
University Mall
Burlington International Airport
(See Notes)
Dorset Street, Kennedy Drive...
Counter-clockwise loop: Kennedy Drive, Airport Drive, White Street, Hinesburg Road
  • Operates daily.
  • Burlington Airport is about the midpoint of the loop.
  • Certain Monday–Saturday trips and all Sunday trips are extended from University Mall to the Cherry Street Terminal. This is similar to the service pattern of the original Airport (1) route.

Sunday Service

Cherry Street Terminal
Counter-clockwise Loop Pine Street (SB), Shelburne and South Union streets (NB), Pearl Street, Mansfield Avenue, Riverside Avenue, Burlington Beltline (NB), North Avenue (SB)
  • Sunday only, alternate trips serve Lakeside.
  • The first morning trip serves public housing and churches only.

(*) denotes buses with 15-minute service.
NB: Northbound; SB: Southbound

Shopping Specials[edit]

These are shuttle buses that each operate one day per week, in the morning, to/from senior housing centers. The general public is welcome on these routes.

Route Terminals Serves Notes
Hannaford Shopping Special South Burlington
See "Serves"
University Mall
Pillsbury Manor, The Pines, Country Park Tuesday service only.
Price Chopper Shopping Special Winooski
See "Serves"
South Burlington
Price Chopper
The Courtyard, 83 Barlow Street, Spring Garden,
Fern Hill*, McAuley Square*, Cherry Street Terminal*
Wednesday service only.
See "Serves"
South Burlington
Price Chopper
10 North Champlain Street, 3 Cathedral Square, Decker Towers,
Heineberg Housing, McKenzie House, 101 College Street
Thursday service only.

(*) denotes Burlington destinations

Commuter and Express Routes[edit]

Commuter and express routes operate weekday rush periods only unless otherwise noted and are limited stop.

Route Terminals Serves Notes


Cherry Street Terminal
Post Office
Burlington, Winooski, Colchester, Essex Junction, Essex Outlet Fair, Jericho, Underhill, Cambridge, Jeffersonville Travels via VT 15.

Route 116 Commuter

Town Hall Park & Ride
All trips: Burlington, South Burlington, Hinesburg
Middlebury trips: Starksboro, Bristol, Middlebury
Merchants Row

Milton Commuter

Town Office Park & Ride
Burlington, Winooski, Colchester, Milton
  • Travels via US 7.
  • Additional midday and evening service.

Middlebury LINK Express

Merchants Row
Burlington, South Burlington, Shelburne, Charlotte, Ferrisburgh, Vergennes, Middlebury
  • Travels via US 7.
  • Additional Saturday service operated by neighboring agency Addison County Transit Resources (ACTR).

Montpelier LINK Express

Main Street and State Street
Burlington, South Burlington, Richmond, Waterbury, Montpelier
  • Travels via I-89.
  • Additional midday service.

St. Albans LINK Express

St. Albans
Highgate Commons
Burlington, Winooski, Colchester, Georgia, St. Albans Travels via US 7 and I-89.

Fare Schedule[edit]

(information is current as of June 18, 2013)[7]

  • $1.25 per one-way trip on local routes ($0.60 for discount qualified riders)
  • $12.00 for Adult 10-ride pass ($6.00 for discount qualified riders)
  • $50.00 for Adult monthly pass ($25.00 for discount qualified riders)

Free transfers are available for those needing to connect one-way on another bus. They are not valid for round trips. Fletcher Allen Health Care employees may receive a 25% discount on LINK Express passes. University of Vermont, St. Michael's College, Champlain College and Middlebury College students may receive free bus fare for most CCTA routes. No discount fares are currently available on Local Commuter or LINK Express routes.

LINK Express route fares[edit]

  • $4.00 per one-way trip
  • $150 for Adult Monthly Pass (valid on all CCTA and GMTA routes)
  • $40 for 10-ride pass

Local Commuter route fares[edit]

  • $2.00 per one-way trip
  • $75 for Adult Monthly Pass (valid on all CCTA and GMTA routes)
  • $20 for 10-ride pass


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