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Chiwawa is a rock/pop electronic duo - Laurie Gordon, the daughter of Hungarian immigrants, and Krassy Halatchev, born and raised in the People's Republic of Bulgaria.


Gordon met Halatchev in 1991 when she answered a classified ad which read: "International Band Seeks Female Vocalist." The "International" band was four young Bulgarian immigrant in a band called "Ping-Pong". When Gordon joined, they became "Short Confession".[1]

Film work[edit]

Chiwawa has scored music for a number of short films and documentaries. The duo worked with the late Oscar nominated animator Ryan Larkin on his final animation film Spare Change, which Gordon directed on Ryan's behalf after his death in 2007. The film is based on Larkin's experience as a panhandler begging for spare change on the streets of Montreal.[2] Larkin moved in with Chiwawa in the last years of his life and came back to his art. A documentary film of how Ryan Larkin and Chiwawa became friends will air on CTV Television in early 2011.

Currently Chiwawa is scoring the soundtrack for Co Hoedeman's animated film "55 Socks". The band will also be working on a feature film by Gerald Potterton. Future projects include 2 more feature films, beginning production in 2011 and 2012.


Full length albums[edit]

  • The Sick World of Yona (1998)
  • Chimeres (2002)
  • Bright (2005)
  • Bus Stop Chinese Buffet (2009)
  • Watermark (2010)
  • Element (2011)
  • Collectors of Souls (2012)

EPs and remixes[edit]

  • God's Children (2008)
  • Love's Got Heart (2004)
  • Always About You (2007)


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