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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Charophyta
Class: Klebsormidiophyceae
Order: Klebsormidiales
Family: Klebsormidiaceae
Genus: Chlorokybus
Species: C. atmophyticus
Binomial name
Chlorokybus atmophyticus
Geitler, 1942[1]

Chlorokybus is a genus of charophyte containing the sole species Chlorokybus atmophyticus, a soil alga found in alpine areas. It sometimes has been classified as the sole member of the class Chlorokybophyceae but more recently is included in the family Klebsormidiaceae within the plant division Charophyta.


  1. ^ Geitler, L. (1942). "Morphologie, Entwicklungsgeschichte und systematik neuer bemerkenswerter atmosphytischer Algen aus Wien". Flora NF 136. pp. 1–29. 

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