Chlorophyll c1

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Chlorophyll c1
Chlorophyll c1.svg
Chlorophyll c1 molecule
PubChem 25245630
Molecular formula C35H30MgN4O5
Molar mass 610.94 g mol−1
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Chlorophyll c1 is a form of chlorophyll. It makes a golden or brownish color and is an accessory pigment. It helps the organism gather light and passes a quanta of excitation energy through the light harvesting antennae to the photosynthetic reaction centre. Chlorophyll c is unusual because it does not have an isoprenoid tail, and ring D is not reduced. These features are typical of the other chlorophylls commonly found in algae and plants. Chlorophyll c is found in certain marine algae, such as diatoms and dinoflagellates. (Blankenship, 2002, Molecular Mechanisms of Photosynthesis)

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