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A Chocodile.

Chocodiles /ˈɒkɵdlz/ was a confection created by the Hostess Brands company. The package describes the snack cake as a "chocolate coated sponge cake with creamy filling." The Chocodile is Twinkie shaped, but unlike the Twinkie which is sold in packages of 2 or 3 cakes, the Chocodile is sold individually. They can be described as "chocolate covered Twinkies", but this term is not officially used.


The Chocodile mascot was formerly Chauncey Chocodile, but Hostess has removed him from packaging and their web site in recent years. Since the late 1990s, Chocodiles were no longer sold on the East Coast of the United States. Hostess had only a few West Coast factories making them and to ensure the products' freshness, Chocodiles were sold only on the West Coast.

There has been debate over whether a Chocodile is a chocolate-covered Twinkie or a facsimile. The debate arose from the seeming "texture difference" between the Twinkie and the Chocodile. During a taste test and debate in Vacaville, California, opinions were split among those taking the test, as to whether the taste of the cake was the same. This issue was resolved during a show on the Food Network where it was confirmed by Hostess that the Chocodile was in fact a chocolate-covered Twinkie. This has caused consternation for some who continue to swear the cake is different. In actuality, it's the chocolate that makes the difference. Due to the chocolate coating, the cake tends to stay more moist, leading to the slightly different texture when compared to a normal Twinkie[citation needed].

In 2014, Hostess Brands reintroduced the cake as "Chocodile Twinkies".[1] The new cakes are 1.45 oz. each, and are labelled as "Fun size" as the original Chocodiles were 2 oz. each.

In Popular Culture[edit]

The Chocodile is also frequently referenced in the webcomic Modest Medusa[2] and in the popular television series American Dad!, as Roger the alien's favorite snack. Chocodiles are sold on the West Coast and in a few areas on the East Coast: Alexandria, Va., Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, PA. series takes place in the East Coast state of Virginia).[3] Chocodiles are also mentioned in the show "The Venture Brothers" in the episode Handsome Ransom. Captain Sunshine is seen eating one, and Hank Venture mentions that he appreciates being given them as his bodyguard, Sergeant Hatred, does not allow them. They are even mentioned in the show "Total Drama Island" Episode 6: The Sucky Outdoors when the Screaming Gophers won the challenge. During the celebration scene in the hot tub, Owen vomits, then asked Izzy to pass the "Chocodiles". Chocodiles were also shown in the hit movie Boyz in the Hood as Ricky is shown eating one walking home from the grocery store.

The Chocodille is also mentioned in 'Lie to Me*' Season 1 Episode 11, Blinded, when a rapist asks for it as a bribe for information into a copycat.

A reference to Chocodiles is also found in the lyrics to the Soul Coughing song "Disseminated".[4]

Patton Oswalt mentions Chocodiles as part of a trailer park diet in a late 90's stand-up bit about the show C.O.P.S. [5]

Chocodiles are mentioned by Shawn Spenser to Juliet in Psych, Season 3 Episode 15 "Tuesday the 17th" - "I saw some Chocodiles in the freezer".

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